Thursday, June 09, 2005

You cannot force a shoe into a foot, if it can’t fit

Arranged marriages by far rack up as one of the worst events anyone can possibly go through. In a country where the practice is still a common tradition for many families, the rising number of suicides has raised serious concerns in India about the need to provide counseling to its “victims.” This kind of counseling though is classified as pre-marital counseling wherein the bride is the made the focus of attention, more so than the groom. The flaw in this approach lies in merely addressing the symptom, and not the actual disease. In this case, they still fail to change the ongoing and acceptable practice of arranged marriages. These so-called counseling sessions are addressing the result and not the cause. How many more unhappy brides must end their lives when faced with an unwelcome marriage? It is wholly a very sad case that continues in modern day society. One that will probably continue unless government intervention provides legal protection for females being forced into marrying a person that they do not desire - a pressure being placed on them not only by their families, but also their communities.

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