Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wedding Registry - Tips To Keep you Sane

Ah, the wedding registry! If you've ever had to put one together, it can be both fun and nerve wrecking simply because there are so many things to consider. But before you bonkers, let me give you a few tips to remember.

1) First think of the essentials like dinnerware and linens. This is best done with an exhaustive list.

2) Register at places that make the lists easily accessible. I personally love stores like Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. It's best to limit the list to a few stores because when there are too many stores, you won't be able to keep track of the things you've chosen.

3) Keep the list manageable so that you actually do get what you want.

4) Share the list with your fiance and see if it is realistic. You may end wanting so many things that it will end up sitting in the closet forever.

5) Identify things that you absolutely want to have, but be sure to consider the prices. We don't want to break etiquette here. For example, the Cuisinart® PartyPop Popcorn Maker would definitely be on my list:

via Sur La Table

Among other things in the "want" list, coffee maker, toaster oven, microwave, and food processor. These are appliances that you will surely use!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Cutest Little Flower Girl Dresses from JCrew

I'm going small today. Small as in turning my attention to the littlest members of the wedding entourage. The flower girl! And when it comes to looking for cute dresses, J Crew has some of the nicest pieces. Some may find them pricey, but they're just oozing with cuteness! Take these three lovely ones:

Coral, sleeveless with ruffles

Pink organza with tulle underlay - luv this! it's on sale, too!

Metallic gilded with crinkled design - unusual yet pretty, too.

And if you find that these are a bit over your budget. Get creative with the outfits. Try dressing them up as little ballerinas or fairies with wings. Or consider other costumes that would be appropriate. These are ideal for an elegant garden ceremony in the summer. Imagine that!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Casual Wedding Attire for Beach Weddings

With the lingering effects of the past recession, I think casual weddings are definitely a mainstay this season! Consider going casual without going totally informal by having a "smart" casual look. The look I'm talking about is especially ideal for a beach wedding! So today I'm focusing on how you can dress up for your wedding this summer sans the tux and formal gown, but still being high on style.

Enter first the groom! For him, I suggest the Seersucker sport coat from Brooks Brothers. A Cuban straw hat would look equally handsome as well. If you don't want to have a bowtie, a tie would work, too.

via Brooks Brothers

And for the bride, I just love this white eyelet sheath dress from Talbot's. It's simply elegant. Imagine yourself with a beautiful hydrangea bouquet while outfitted in this dress. Accessorize your look with a lovely shawl or wrap because beach weddings can get cool at night!

via Talbot's

If you tally up the total you'll spend on the above outfits, you won't be spending any more than $500-800 total. Plus, you can wear them again. Lastly, with the money that you will save on your wedding attire, what do you do? Splurge on your honeymoon, baby.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Classic Weddings of the 50s

Today is about looking back. Way back at weddings during the 50s. Romantic, nostalgic, and pure elegance is what comes to mind. It is also so inspiring to have a wedding crafted in the style of stars such as Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Imagine what it would be like?! Check out the wedding galleries at Life Magazine, they cover great pics which offer up not only the fashion of the time, but you will also notice the photography style is also quite unique!

via Life

Be sure to see their slideshow on Royal Weddings and other classic weddings, too!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Chartreuse Wedding Color Palette

Chartreuse. I just love the name as much as the color itself. It is versatile and can be matched up with a beautiful hue of purple to a sunny shade of orange. You can even pair it nicely with aqua or brown. See the possibilities! This wonderful color is also elegant and understated. To build your own color palette, consider these options below from your bridesmaid dress to the invitations:

Chartreuse A-line tea-length bridesmaid dress - via JLM Couture

Oak tree invitation - via

Grid pattern wedding cake - via

Bride's Bouquet (Cymbidium Orchids) - via