Friday, March 31, 2006

T-minus 4 hours till...

I'm web gazing at the moment when I stumbled on Froogle - the comparison shopping site from Google. Being that Easter is coming up soon, I was searching for chocolate bunny mold pans. It's actually a nifty tool and if you're a lazy web surfer like me, it give you lots of pictures and I like pictures!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Immigrants - the Legal Ones who waited

The debate on regulating immigration has certainly sparked criticism and protest from many minority groups. While I feel for the many poor people that have entered the US illegally, I am deeply divided over the issue largely because I have many friends who have been separated from their loved ones. These are the people who have stuck to the rules - often waiting for years to be with a father or sister who has sponsored them to be able to come to the US. It is these people who are unheard because they have tried to do things the right way in gaining a green card and thus acquiring citizenship in the country. One of my friends had a brother who had to stay in his home country of India, while his parents filed their paper to sponsor him as a family member. Why aren't these same people coming out and protesting when they are the ones who have stood in line the longest - not cut across?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Going Nuts

This Sunday I:

- Ate a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - a pair in one pack so that makes 2

- Had Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream - Dublin Mudslide - sinfully delicious ice cream with bits of chocolate chip cookies, Irish liqueur, and swirls of fudge with a hint of coffee - OMG - this stuff rocks!

- Ate a salad for lunch - to offset it all:)

It was nuts...but it was good! Since tomorrow is Monday again, I'm back to my diet:)

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Friday Post

On a typical Friday like today, I am just elated with joy that the weekend is finally here. I don't know why I feel this way as there is a Friday every day of the week. Could it be that it has finally stopped raining here in LA and the afternoons just seem to exhibit sunlight drawing me to spend a weekend biking around the pier at Long Beach? Or, is it because this week I just met more idiots at work than normal? Nah, it's probably more because I just want to forget work - even just for 1.5 days because by Sunday afternoon, the weekend is already over. Your mind is preparing for Monday as you set the table for dinner, put the laundry away, or plan the agenda for the week. Maybe I should prefer Thursday instead of Fridays because most of us already shutdown for the weekend by noon on Friday anyways!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Honey and Moon

Do all people take honeymoons nowadays? I mean is it something that every newly married couple has the luxury of spending time away from work? Admittedly, I didn't go on a honeymoon b/c we were just too darn busy in our careers. So, when I see couples go to places like Hawaii or Cancun, I would consider them very lucky. I can't say much, though, for the guys that go on a cruise ship for their honeymoon considering how many mishaps have happened at sea. Also, I heard that when you are on a cruise ship, dinner is made on an assigned seating basis - sounds a bit like pre-school.

So, did I go on a honeymoon? In the end, we eventually went on a week long trip to Sedona, which was very nice.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kiddie Plate, Pls.

Yesterday, I ran for 10 minutes. Not from excercise, but from rushing to the post office. Then I realized that were parts of my body that were bouncing, which did not bounce before I got married. Scary thought...So, for dinner, I decided that the era of super-sizing is over - at least for me. It's now kiddie-sizing. That is, I now order the kiddie meal whenever available. For starters, I had the Kid's Meal plate for dinner at Panda Express. They give you just the right portions. When you compare the adult with the kiddie plate, you'll be utterly shocked to realize the amount of carbs that you load up when ordering the regular/adult plate. This makes a great "pre-wedding diet" or even "post-baby" diet, I guess...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Wishing all bloggers!

Error correction - there's supposed to be an apostrophe above between "k" and "s". Oops...

For St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd educate myself about this special day beyond just associating it with wearing green at work. Okay. Here it is:

Famour Irish Beer - Guinness - strong, but good

Irish Liqueur - Bailey's goes great with coffee and ice cream

Ireland is a beautiful country with a spectacular countryside - great for biking and picnics!

University of Notre Dame - Home of the Fighting Irish - great football team - perhaps one day they'll make it to the Rose Bowl again

Irish wedding traditions are marked by their own distinct customs and practices. There is an interesting book available by Bridget Haggerty.

Oh Ryan's Potato Candy - tasty treats made of coconut and cinnamon to remember the potato famine.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Have a Heart

Since last Christmas, I have known at least 3 people who have had heart attacks. All of whom range in age from 45 to 55. While I am still young, news like this makes me realize that everyday our hearts are subjected to all kinds of stress. While we certainly don't go through traumatic experiences on a daily basis, it turns out that a broken heart or ""stress cardiomyopathy" can result from stress and trauma due to great emotional pain caused by a loved one. I also read recently, that spouses who fight a lot can result in suffering from hardened arteries!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

When is it too late for the clock?

Okay, I recently had this big argument with my sister in law about when is it the "right" age to have a baby. She, having just gotten married at the age of 28, got pregnant. She said that she was really afraid of having a baby well into her 30s because most women have their children well before they hit 35. I argued that it's pretty common for many women especially those concentrating on their careers to delay having a baby at all. While it is still very common for women to have their first child before 35, I told her why should those who plan to have a kid later in life, be looked upon strangely. Or, put it more bluntly, have some "problem" with fertility. Granted, we all have a finite amount of eggs in our basket, but isn't 34 still a viable age to have a child, or is it too late? When is the right age, then? 28, 32, or 34?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yummy Easter Treat?

Alas, it is finally March, the beginning of Lent and a prelude to Easter. Now, I'm no cheery Easter bunny, but when I started looking at what goodies to have for my Easter lunch, I found one particular product that caught my attention. Recently, many chocolate manufacturers have started making chocolate crosses or crucifixes. Companies like Russel Stover Chocolates say that these are very popular among the Hispanic markets. While I do know that Hispanics love chocolate, I also do know that many Hispanics are also Catholics, and I don't think they would be lovin' it. I myself, while not religious by any standard, would think that it would be a sacrilege to be eating a chocolate cross even it is made with the finest cocoa. I would just find it deeply strange to be eating a cross-shaped piece of chocolate.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Married at 6?

There are some stories that you hear about on the news, which don't get your attention because it's the same old story - murder, politics, war, etc. But, when I heard about this funny story today, I just had to tune in to this the news clip about a couple that had gotten married when they were 6 during a play, and then really got married at the age of 22. I think it's a cute story!