Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Cost of Scaling Back on Wedding Costs

I was reading this article from the LA times about how brides plan to scale back on wedding costs. Sadly, some are even intending to cut back on the cost of a gown, which is really tough considering that a wedding is really that once in a lifetime event. While there are those who choose to buy from places like ebay or at bargain houses, it is still one of those elements of a wedding that is so hard to cut back on. What would you choose to save on??

Read the article for more insights!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alternatives to the Wedding Cake for the Recessionista Wedding

While we all gasp at wedding cakes, their grandeur and beauty is not always affordable. So, I've come with four alternatives to an actual wedding cake:

1. Serve up cupcakes in a cupcake tower - you can still have these displayed in a tiered fashion. Isn't this one cute! Cupcakes are really a great way to make things colorful at a wedding, too.

2. Donuts have always been popular and they can be presented in many creative ways.

3. A candy buffet stand wherein you display different kinds of candy. You can have it based on the theme of your wedding such as this one, which is a "sweet sailing-inspired" candy table:

4. Have pie carousels or you can serve different kinds of pies on a variety of stands. This idea is great especially during a Thanksgiving wedding or even during a summer 4th of July party. You can have apple, blueberry, and strawberry pies placed on pretty stands. Then you can also have smaller pies or even tarts for a festive display. And for chocolate lovers, serving a chocolate mousse pie will surely be a hit.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Affordable Bridesmaid Dress

It's time to look for bridesmaid dresses! And for the budget-conscious wedding, I've found some dresses all under $100 bucks. How great is that? Here they are:

Satin Bridesmaid's Dress with Sash - The sage one is nice.

Satin V-neck Bridesmaid's Dress - So demure.

These are cocktail dresses but they could look nice for a bridesmaid dress, too. Hey, we are on a budget now!

Empire Waist Dress - Luv the persimmon color.

Chiffon Evening Dress - This turqoiuse is so elegant.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weddings 2009

Dahlia's back! After a much needed break, it's back to blogging. Considering how bad the economy is and as it continues to loom over our heads. I am going to try to make my entries cover not only money-saving ideas but also simple ways to save on a wedding. It could mean curbing the guest list from 100 to 50, but yet still having a nice event. Or how about trading that fondant cake for cake cookies (these care cookies that are bundled together in threes and tied with a ribbon). You save a lot by doing that. This can also mean having a home wedding reception instead of a grand one in a hotel or resort. In the end, it's time to be more creative while still having the most elegant wedding ever.