Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Real or not

When reality is so unreal...

When channel surfing turns into a moment of reflection… What’s the fascination with reality tv shows? Seems like there is a show for every kind of situation from nannies to newlyweds. Regardless of the genre, one can’t help, but ask what draws people to watch shows such as “Meet the Barkers” or “Nick and Jessica?” Has our “own” real life become that monotonous and blasé? Do we increasingly feel the need to escape from our real life by viewing the lives of other people? No, life has essentially remained the same. The reality behind these reality TV shows is that they are not reality at all, but rather a superficial candid view of other people who just so happen to be celebrities. These celebrities are hardly “ordinary” people with lives similar to the average person. They seemingly appear to be living real lives just like our own, but there lies the illusion.

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