Saturday, June 11, 2005

Coffee Talk

I knew my latte drinking days at Starbucks was worth something:

Sipping a Latte + Overheard Conversation about a cheating spouse = entry on blog about the psychology behind what attracts people to each other

The U.S. Census Bureau 2004-2005 states “that each year, there are some 2.3 million weddings across the nation. In six out of ten cases, both bride and groom are marrying for the first time. Unfortunately, every year there are also about half as many divorces as there are marriages.” We often hear the experts say that like-minded people make better mates than opposites. So, with 2.3 million weddings, are all of these people choosing compatible mates? That would be shortsighted at the least to say that all of them marry because they found somebody compatible. I believe that it isn’t just about having similar “psyches” (okay, plural form of psyche?) because more often that not people who think the same make the same decisions and mistakes. It would be very scary to marry the one person who thinks exactly like me. It would be equally scary to marry somebody who is my opposite because we would be compromising on a daily basis. The irony of it all is that people say that love conquers all whether you are the same or not. Perhaps there is some truth to this notion because love functions as that irrational force behind logic and reason that puts things in chaotic order. And when that love fizzles out, we all know what happens.


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