Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeling Cool with Blue Weddings

It starts with blue today! I just love the unique personality blue conveys in a wedding. You're cool and chic and the feeling is calm and relaxed. I just love these pretty finds especially the cake with a lovely blue ribbon. Remember that blue can be paired with not only silver, but also gold. You can glam it up by matching it with aqua or teal. And of course, blue is great with orange! You can even have a wedding with an entirely monochromatic color scheme made from just blue in various shades from navy to pastel.

Start with this inspiration board via finestationery

Check out these cute dresses from Couture Bridals. I love the flower girl dresses, too.

Some gorgeous invitations from Crane and Co. - add a monogram!

Add some pretty stamps from Zazzle, too:

Lastly, the cake to make it special from The Cake Walk

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fuchsia wedding invitations - so chic!

Soon it will be Fall again as we begin to see browns, oranges, and reds appear everywhere. I'm lookin for something different this Autumn, though. And that color is fuchsia! It is perfect when you want to match it with navy blue, brown, or even pink and lilac. It says something totally different from the rest of the colors! Bold, unique, and daring. It's indeed the color for the bride with a vibrant personality.

via Invitation Consultants

via Wedding Tulle

via Modern Girl Invitations - this is my favorite. See how fuchsia also goes with orange!

Incidentally, fuchsia is also Dahlia's new header color! Luv it!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Faberge Inspired Wedding Cakes

Faberge eggs! You either love or hate 'em. Depending on your personality and style, a Faberge inspired theme can be a hugely romantic and glamorous way to celebrate a wedding. What's even more exciting is the possibility of a grand wedding cake! Just look at these gorgeous creations:

via Cake Coquette

via Flickr user sugrdva

via I Dream of Cake in San Francisco