Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Ticking Clock

The average marrying age for women is 27, while the average for having a baby is in her 30s. Experts have long indicated that for a woman to have a baby later in her life is risky due to several factors, but namely fertility issues. Probably the most disturbing aspect is the pressure society puts upon women once they reach that age wherein they should be getting married and starting a family. Those that seemingly delay kids are viewed as having some sort of materialistic or selfish desire to remain childless. In all due reality, it is simply not that easy for many newly married 30-somethings to have children right away as many women are now faced between balancing financial and career responsibilities with the pressure of having a baby. While there are studies that point to conceiving at an earlier age, the most controversial and recent findings seem to indicate otherwise - that having a baby at 34 is the “ideal” age for women. With this study, researchers at the University of Texas found that such women are more mature and better prepared to not only handle the many demands of motherhood, but also the financial and emotional components. With all of these various research findings and claims, should a 33-year old female, married, and working be worried or be content that having a child at 34 is just fine? Whether we try to live up to society expectations or not, though, the cards are still stacked up against women for one simple reason – the ticking biological clock. And, it ain’t a Swatch watch, either.

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Weary Hag said...

Interesting post! Two of my sisters had their children in their very early 20s. I had my daughter at 31. All the children are healthy and lovely kids, but I will say that our general frame of mind during our children's early years was quite different. My sisters, though happy at the time and thrilled to be moms, felt that they were "missing out" on the best years of their lives for doing "single type" things. I never felt that even for a day. I, instead, had been afforded a good 15 years to live the single life and do most of the things that I had wanted to do before settling down to raise a family.
On the other hand, I do believe there are some women who are mentally and physically prepared much sooner to settle and parent a child.
It should be a very personal choice and not something based on popular opinion or research.