Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TearDrop - Invitations with a Smile

Looking for some fun and uniqueness to add to your wedding invitations? Enter Tear Drop - an invitations designer. Don't be fooled by the name because there's only smiles and laughter in here. Created by the artist herself, Holly Hatam has brought a fresh approach to designing invitations with her beautiful illustrations and graphics.

One would say that she's got her distinctive style intertwined with her creations, so every invitation you get is special in their own way. What sets her apart though is her passion for creating invitations that bring out the interests and personality of the bride and groom. But, there is more, too. She also has cards for showers, thank you cards, and soon, tablecard and place cards. To sum it up, these invitations and cards have an honest sweetness to them and charm - that is worth checking out.

My favorite designs from her site are below, but there's more on her site:

For contact information:

Holly Hatam
t: 416.710.7432

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Sweet Spell Cast on Wedding Treats

I love candy. I love candy I love sweet goods. In what may sound like a dentist's nightmare, you just can't go wrong with candy. As gifts, they're the safe (i.e., perfect) choice. You just know that it will get eaten unless the person has diet issues. But, when searching around the web for the first time, the task of searching for candy as a little treat or party favor for your wedding guests can turn into the twilight zone.

Jordan Almonds

To help you understand the wedding candy vernacular, let's start with the most infamous one. You know it or may have heard of it. Yes, Jordan almonds - those almonds from Jordan. Actually, they're not really from Jordan as everyone would readily think. They pretty much share the same story as fortune cookies. They're not really from China as a lot of people would believe - they got their beginnings in San Francisco. Anyways, back to the almonds. A little research on the web should clear this up. According to the FDA, Jordan almonds can be any candy-coated almonds. Its name is applied as a common or casual name. There is also speculation that perhaps the origin of the name stems from almonds being grown along the Jordan River. Another possibility is that the "Jordan" may have been derived from the French word "jardin" meaning garden. In conclusion, either arguments seems convincing. Nowadays, Jordan almonds come in numerous colors: gold, silver, white, pastel green, etc. With the gold and silver ones, some come as just a foil-wrap, so be aware of the difference.

from candywarehouse.com


Let's start off with the literal translation of the word - meaning "of no equal" or "without equal." Depending on what side of the kitchen you belong to, they almost look like tiny sugar sprinkles or confectionery balls that are used for decorating a variety of desserts from cakes to chocolates. The more common understanding of "nonpareils" is that they are thin wafers of chocolates covered with colorful sugar sprinkles. You can also find them in a white chocolates variety. You've probably seen them laying around at the baking or chocolate section of your grocery. Lastly, if you're a "lit-freak", the primary definition of a "nonpareil" is an individual of unequaled excellence, which actually makes sense when you look at its etymology (from Webster's).

from kingarthurflour.com

Holland Mints

Are they from Holland? Yes and No. The "yes" part has more to do with where they were made first. While the "no" part is that the most famous ones are actually manufactured in California. However, the company (Marich Confectionery) that makes them is of Dutch origins. If you have never seen them, you will probably notice them now. They come in a colorful sugar coating of chocolate with a creamy peppermint center. For mint and chocolate to paired in any form is divine, so be on the lookout for these curious confections in marble-shapes and in colors of white and pastel green, purple, and green. Check out the article from the Nibble.

from marich.com

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wedding Nails - Ways to Prep Them

They say you can tell a woman by their nails. While that is a subject of great debate, let's just say that when you're walking down the aisle, all eyes are on you from head to toe. And if you have been biting on those nails, chipping them, or just cutting them without much care, perhaps it's time to have a little nail pampering. If you live in Southern Cal, you'll know that nail spas have been popping out everywhere to help you set those nails nice and pretty with a pedicure or manicure, but not everyone has the patience to sit for hours only to have their nails done. That brings us to the next question, how to get those nails "wedding ready?" Depending on your personality (whether you're a downright diva or a simple gal that just wants a little glamor here and there), sprucing up those nails isn't just about nail polish anymore because now you can:

Decorate Like Crazy

Add some bling to them by decorating with crystals. Whatever color you desire, there's a little crystal waiting for you. You can even match it with your wedding's colors. These crystals come in many sizes so you can literally cover your whole nail with them, but that's up to you. How perfect is that. When looking for similar ideas, you can also check the web for "nail gems."

Try Footcandy:

Paint Like An Artist

You want to have those pretty pink nails, but the smell of nail polish has turned you away from a manicure? Acquarella carries a line of nail polish that is odor-free and non-toxic. A little pricey at $18.00, but they have such unique shades. My favorite is their "sparkling cider" shade.

Try Acquarella

Fake It Like You Know It

For the fast and easy approach without the frills, fake or artificial nails as they call it are an alternative. When using them, be sure to follow the directions carefully for obvious reasons. These products also range from painted nails to "natural" ones. If you seen the fake encrusted ones, perhaps that might be another option if you want to go all out. Before you use them, you may want to read more about using these types of nails from About.com, but if you're hooked and want to plan a manicure themed party for your bridesmaids,then have fun!

Try Revlon

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Perfect Wedding Feet for all Those Woes

Call it a foot fetish, but if you suffer from less than perfect feet like me, wearing those summer sandals is always a challenge. Not everyone was blessed with feet that is good enough for a Dr. Scholl's® ad. It's even more embarrassing if you're a bride who wants to have those cute sandals for an outdoor wedding - be it a beach or garden affair. And looking good from head to toe (literally) is a must for that special day.

While there are many products on the market for treating virtually all foot issues, over the years, only a couple have really come up as being effective for my ever ugly feet. Even after using devices such as scrubbers and stones, my efforts have become utter failures. So, after trying out these solutions below, it looks like there is finally hope for the "feet weary" like me. With a little help from these ideas, you can have your own foot spa - right at home!

Here is the line-up for all those foot woes:


Sole Searcher Foot Scrub from Origins $9.50
Personally, this product has done wonders. It smoothened the callouses on my big toes. Made it feel much softer and you no longer have to feel embarrassed about wearing open-toed sandals. The ingredients use lava granules in a white colorish cream. There's no funny smell to the cream, so it's got a lot going for it.


Peppermint Foot Lotion from Body Shop 4.2 fl oz $8.00
A subtle yet sweet and refreshing scent of peppermint is the perfect antidote for feet that need a little tender love and care. At such an affordable price, this wonderful lotion is great after a warm bath - especially if you have been standing up all day long. It's also superb for a bride who wants to have a little feet pampering.


Dr. Scholl's® For Her Foot Softening Balm $5.99
Some will either love or hate this product, but it did wonders for me. Its greasy texture might not be for everyone, so use this sparingly first. Lightly scented with lavender - it has an added benefit of not only soothing the feet, but also leaving it with a nice smell. To use it, you just massage it onto wet feet, but be careful when using it in the bathroom - hold onto something or sit down when applying it.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hershey's Kisses Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Call it an impulse find of the day, but the US Postal will be coming up with a commemorative stamp of Hershey's Kisses chocolates. The first date of issue will be Jan. 13th. Just in time for sending out those Valentine's Day wedding invitations or use them for any bridal events throughout the year. They're so cute!

What's your Honeymoon Type

Every bride and groom knows that planning their honeymoon is what makes the wedding experience truly memorable. But stop, do you know what is your "honeymoon type"? And what exactly is it? Put it simply, you may both want to go to the same place - usually a romantic destination, but sometimes, one party may not always be happy. This is why knowing what you both want in a honeymoon is a good place start looking even before looking for a place to travel. I've basically defined them as the following types:

Adventure Seeking
You're the type of couple that could spend an entire weekend rock-climbing, camping out, or kayaking. This honeymoon ain't going to be boring, but it also ain't for everyone. For one, you've gotta be in shape if you plan to: go white water rafting on the Colorado River by the Grand Canyon, take up some windsurfing on Lake Tahoe, or scuba diving in the Bahamas. It's a honeymoon that packs in energy and romance. Getting the right gear and outfits is key to enjoying this trip.

Just where do you go if you want to get all that fun in one place? Maui is the answer.

Enrichment Seeking
There are some couples who have an affinity for the arts. A wine and cheese afternoon for two is perfectly romantic. No need to pack hiker shoes or scuba gear on this type of honeymoon. This couple may also love to cook and enjoy trying out new foods and restaurants. They may even take up a class or two for an hour or more on their honeymoon. A trip to Italy isn't just about discovering the beautiful sceneries and landmarks, but also learning a new skill such as Italian cooking. After all, sampling food means knowing how to cook it when you get back home.

How do you plan such a trip? Check out Epiculinary for planning a culinary vacation.

Relaxation Seeking

My favorite couple is the one that simply wants to relax - sit, sleep, and eat! It's the kind of honeymoon where serene waters, a relaxing breeze, and coconut trees are all you really need to enjoy this vacation. All you require is a great meal and massage to end the day. You don't want to sail a yacht, but you sure won't mind laying around on one.There is never a dull moment because being in the midst of paradise brings you much contentment. Before you head off to paradise, pack a great bathing suit, a cute outfit, and be sure to bring sun protection.

Where is paradise? Try the British Virgin Islands.

Tourist Seeking
London, Paris, and Rome are the cities to see on your European tour honeymoon. It's the couple who wouldn't mind towing a map and guide book to find the hottest tourist spots. Getting up at 4am to catch the Eurail to Amsterdam is just part of the enjoyment of the experience. After all, this honeymoon seeks to soak in the history and culture of a place. Be sure to pack light yet well enough to endure the trip. Whether you plan to bring your own elegant dress, or buy a piece or two along the way, treat yourself to a romantic dinner in a fine gourmet restaurant somewhere during your trip. It's worth it!

Don't get overwhelmed, get to the Travel Channel's European Guides.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Gift Ideas for the Groomsmen with Class

A New Year has arrived and so has the time for finding truly unique gift ideas for the men of the wedding party. Yes, we know about the flasks and pocket watches, but this time, give them something with a little more thought and practicality. More importantly, a gift that says "you've got class and taste. "

For starters, check these places on-line for ideas:

World’s First Wine Vacuum Decanter from Metrokane: Retail at $80.00

Personalized Wooden Pub Sign from The Pub Sign Store: Retail at $35.95

Premium Cigars from Thompson Cigars
: Retail at $55.00