Thursday, June 16, 2005

Runaway - This time it's not the bride

We have all heard of brides having second thoughts about getting married. Those that actually speak up before the actual wedding day are spared of the embarrassment at having to cancel the wedding. But, for those who actually remain jittery and never speak up, running away from their wedding day becomes a spontaneous action. One that not only puzzles me, but also makes me wonder what makes these people decide not to marry after spending time and money on planning a wedding. Could it be some external factors like family that cause people to flee? Even more intriguing - brides are not the only ones running away.

Enter the runaway groom. In Malaysia, for instance, Hasmawi Hassan, claims recently acknowledge in their pre-wedding meeting, or akad nikah (marriage solemnisation) that he no longer wishes to get married – claiming that he was a victim of black magic. Putting that bizarre notion aside, he also claims that there are too many differences between them. Or, take, Rajib Bhattacharjee from India. Two days before he was to tie the knot, he simply disappeared. After he was found by police in Mughalsarai and admitted to a hospital for treatment, police reports say Rajib did not know what had happened on the day he supposedly disappeared. Hmm. Despite this strange behavior, the bride and groom were married later that week. Lastly, take Kenneth Souza from Redondo Beach, California who has yet to be found by police. Are all of these cases similar in that grooms are now having seconds thoughts? Or, perhaps these cases have always been around, but are only now receiving real attention.

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