Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Pretty and So Yummy Wedding Cakes

I'm thinking of pretty wedding cakes right now in flavors like tiramisu, carrot cake, or chocolate cherry! No matter what flavor you choose, make it creative and one that reflects your personality. My personal favorite cake would be one with three tiers having three distinct flavors in white chocolate, lemon, and raspberry. I would opt for a buttercream rather than fondant. The color would be a pretty pink cake with white sugar icing. See the cakes below and notice the first one:

Three-tier cake with cascading iced blossom petals - my personal favorite for a summer wedding via Maisie Fantaisie

White icing and finished with hand crafted pearls and faux lilies - so unique and unusual via Planet Cake

A craft-themed cake in summers hottest hues via Peggy Porschen

When choosing your cake, what do you look for? Don't forget that you can always match the cake with your theme and colors. Choose a flavor that you and your fiance will enjoy. There's nothing worse than ending up with a cake flavor that neither of you like, so take the time to sample as many cakes. To view more examples of cakes, please see Wedding Magazine UK.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Invitations for a Valentine's Day Wedding

Valentine's Day is coming up as we all know. My favorite time of the day because it reminds of those days when kids used to have Valentine's parties at school and we'd all exchange cards. It was so much fun. Now that we are all grown up, who is to say that you can't have your wedding on Valentine's? After all, it is the most romantic time of the year. And this year, it falls on a Sunday! Start your event right with these lovely invitations I found:

From artfire.com - so cute.

From creationsbyleslie.com - where the card has a whimsical touch to it.

From moderngirlinvitations.com - this one is just pure chic and modern with a simple heart design.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Color everywhere for your wedding in 2010

Bring color out! It's about time. When I read the Pantone 2010 spring/summer report'which said that Turquoise was the color of the year, I was also so thrilled to see colors such as lilac, yellow, and amparo blue being featured. Yellow really struck me because it isn't as popular, but should get much attention this season as the focus is on adding sunshine.

So, to showcase the colors, I've collected some faves through polyvore.com!


Amparo blue