Saturday, September 30, 2006

David's Savings from Bridesave

When I first saw the headline to this article about the closing of, I thought a hurricane or earthquake hit the area and Red Cross had to be sent out:

"David's Bridal to Offer Additional 20% Discount to Brides Affected by Closing"

Weddings - Follow the Road to Kansas

New York, Los Angeles, Florida, and Chicago – places where we hear about big city weddings all the time. But what about the brides in the center? I’m talking about the Midwest. If you want to be more specific, then I’m referring to the state of Kansas. Toto, Dorothy, corn, wheat, yeah you name it – “we’re not in Kansas anymore.” That’s what most people think of Kansas. However, if you have had the opportunity to travel to the Midwest region, many of these states boast some beautiful venues for weddings. We just don’t hear about them as frequently. Now, the state of Kansas lies right smack in the middle of the country. While a vast part of the state is farmland, there is a portion of the state with a budding appeal. What of the most notable aspects is the part of Kansas City, which happens to be a city in both Kansas and Missouri – depending on which side of the state line you are on at any one time. You can hop on the Kansas City, Missouri by just driving past a road called Stateline Rd. Anyways, enough of that geo talk. Here are some elegant wedding locations:

Nelson-Atkins Museum

Located in Kansas City, Missouri. This wonderful art museum has a beautiful dining courtyard called the Rozelle Court that lies at the center of the place. Romantic to the maximum degree, this area lies amidst 15th century Italian architecture and their gardens are just as gorgeous especially in the summer.

Union Station

Also located in Kansas City, Missouri. This train station was built in 1914, renovated in 1999, and now serves as a museum. Its magnificent halls feature breathtaking architecture to say the least.

Powell Gardens

Features contemporary gardens and architecture on 915 acres of land. It’s a beautiful venue for a garden wedding as the place offers picturesque landscapes surrounded by fountains, nature trails, and lush trees. They also offer a chapel and function rooms.

Circle S Ranch and Country Inn

Country wedding on a ranch sound like your style? Then this place is just the right venue for a delightful ranch wedding set on 1,200 acres. Based in Lawrence, Kansas, which is about 30ish minute drive from the city of Overland Park, this place is said to be designed with a homestead and barn feel with a cozy and relaxing mountain lodge feel. It really is amazing when you look at their pictures, particularly when you're always facing buildings.

Friday, September 29, 2006

TheKnot Tied The Knot

If you're wondering which wedding planning website is the mother of it all, then maybe you'd want to read this interesting article from BrandChannel. Even though it was written last year, the author does a great job of comparing the usability and general design of TheKnot versus the

And, since we're on the topic of weddings! Yes, the two companies have finally tied the knot (okay, thought that was funny), but what's more spicy about this is the fact, that these two companies were once involved in a patent lawsuit for online bridal registries. Back in 2003, WeddingChannel filed suit against TheKnot for violating Patent 6,618,753 ("Systems and Methods for Registering Gift Registries and for Purchasing Gifts"), but it appears that love does conquer all now that the two have become one - a big one, indeed.

Who else is TheKnot acquiring besides WeddingChannel, look below:

- Weddingpages
- Lilaguide
- Greatboyfriends

In the end, what really matters is what works for you? If you had to choose a favorite website for wedding ideas, what would you say?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Packaging on the Cheap

There are some days when you just want a deal. A really good deal on something you plan to buy more than 100 or 200 of. Head for the beeline to Uline – known for their shipping supplies offers packaging for gifts and favors on the most common items you see on the web. When you want to give candy or anything of the sort, check out their:

Clear Vinyl Boxes
They have these in sizes ranging from 2x2x2 to 8 x 1 5/8 x 1 5/8". So, that little chocolate truffle you want to give out can probably fit into their smallest box.

Frosted Take-Out Boxes
Having an Asian themed party and want to give out something in these containers? Well, their frosted take-out boxes come in two sizes and 4 colors, including white. It’s great for holding treats such as fortune cookies. If you want them in the regular take-out boxes, Uline has them in plain white.

Gift Boxes
You’ve seen it – that pretty white box with a cute little ribbon tied around it? Yes, we all know them and have seen them in all sorts of sizes and colors. You can choose from white glossy, black, kraft, gold, and silver. Their sizes range from as small as a 2x2x2 to as large as a 15 x 7 x 7.

For additional packaging ideas, check out these links:

Decorating and packaging favors

Containers for favors

Funny wedding video

Embarrasing, yes. If you've ever been to communion, this wedding video will make you laugh. Just click on the video:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Make a Pomander

Several weeks ago I had encountered this cute pomander from a Japanese wedding site that I had blogged about (see entry).

This was the pretty picture I saw:


It really intrigued me and I set out to find out how to make them. Incidentally, pomanders are hugely popular at Christmas in the UK. Popular during the Victorian times, pomanders also known as "kissing balls" were used as bridal bouquets.

These sites are great for starters:

Save on crafts

One Hour Craft c/o Mackenzie's blog

Flower Arrangement Advisor

Heirloom Cookbook - a nifty wedding gift

Do you have a recipe that you hold to your heart? Like the homemade apple pie of your mom, or the delicious Thanksgiving stuffing that your grandma makes? Well, if you do, then the custom heirloom cookbook concept of "Secret Ingredients" is just for you. The concept is simple yet the presentation is entirely innovative. Collect your favorite recipes and then have them printed and collected into a personalized cookbook binder. You can even select your own fonts, recipe layouts, and craft your own dedication page. The tools on their website allow you to customize it freely through their customized cookbook publishing system. If you're looking for a special gift for a daughter, niece, sister, or grandaughter to name the least, then these heirloom cookbooks may be just what you are looking for in a wedding gift that can be kept and appreciated.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Wedding March in October

If you have a free Friday or Saturday to spare this coming October 6-7 at the Waldorf=Astoria, then why not spend some time at the "Wedding March" featuring the wedding industry's most celebrated planners. And, did I say prizes?

Soap art - cute favors found

You've seen it, food art has been hugely popular especially for edible favors. From the wedding cake cookie to the chocolate shoe, but how about soap art? Take Loopcreations, their line of little soaps ranging from piggies to flip flops are definitely high on the cute quotient.

Flips flop soaps scented in pineapple (10 pairs)$59.99

Animal Farm Soap (Set of 6)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wedding coupons

Have you ever been shopping on a website only to notice that while checking out, there is a little field called "promo code" or "coupon code?" You wonder to yourself at that point, should I just continue with the purchase, should I look for that pesky code, or just freeze for a moment and say "argh." Been there? We all have! As always, some codes will require you to have a minimum purchase amount, so do remember that. Also, please realize that these should be double checked on the sites listed below, since information gets updated.

Here are some of those codes:

Personalization Mall
Save 15% with coupon code 'msn987'
See MSN for products that qualify
Special 10% discount by entering coupon code - poetrygift

Chelsea Paper
Get $20 off $100, coupon code: NBEARLY expires 9/30
See Couponcabin

Get free shipping on $50 - Code: FALL50
See Dealnews

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Pink Leather Flask for your Bridesmaids

Every once in a while, there is a member of your bridal entourage that seemingly deserves something different as a gift. She's somebody who isn't exactly easy to please. A purse, a compact, or a necklace just isn't going to be right. Look no more...the pink leather flask has finally arrived. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying bridesmaids have now gone towards the way of old burly men toting flasks, but I can see now how this pink flask can be put to use. Take a stroll down Froogle, and just look at all the prices available and I'm sure you will find the best deal!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wedding Dahlias

Today, I'm celebrating Dahlia's Day with some beautiful pics! They are said to be "blooming" in popularity during the Fall and come in all sorts of colors such as red, peach, yellow, and orange to name a few.

Check out these lovely pictures:

c/o of Greenhouse Photo Gallery

c/o Lisa Shea from Mensa Gardening SIG

c/o Fern Lea Flowers

c/o Flower and Plants Association in the UK

Lastly, the American Dahlia Society has some superb photos, if you want to see them all.

Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall - it's not just about bringing the outside in, but also mixing warm earth-tone colors with organic elements. Now, how do you do that with your wedding invitations? Ah, the answer is simple. Use your eyes. It's your best bet. Look out for motifs rendered in acorns, maple leaves, maple trees, or gourds - the list goes on and on.

Take these gorgeous invitations from CardGirl, featuring a pretty chopstick attached to an chocolate brown card and enclosed in an olive green envelope.

Or, how about these unusual copper textured paper from Invitations by Nature, prices run at about $5.15 or so. They're a Canadian site, but sell to the US:

And lastly, these elegant invitations from Whimrose are crafted with a unique acorn motif and finished with a pretty bow.

Now, if you're from the DIY league of crafters, natural paper pressed with maple leaves would be nice to use for a fall bridal shower or wedding invitation. Print them out from home and use a nice white or cream sheet of vellum paper tied with a fall colored ribbon in brown, muted orange, olive green, or an iridescent ribbon. Places like Michael's usually have these supplies, while specialty stationers may also carry handmade stationery, including ribbons, embossed seals and stamps, and ribbons. You may want to check these sites for ideas:

Orange Invitation Using Natural Paper - a project from

DIY Printable Wedding Invitations

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cake pull - charms with a charm

The concept is simple behind a cake pull. Usually done at the bridal shower, your bridesmaids gather around the cake and they pull out ribbons that are attached with different charms - each having their own unique meaning. It's history is said to have originated during the Victorian Times, but there are also other stories that indicate it being popular in the South especially in states like New Orleans.

Charms range anywhere from 6 to as many as 18. The most popular ones include a weddng ring, heart, 4 leaf clover, wishing well, flower, and an anchor. Judging from what I've seen, the choices of charms are pretty much endless. But, if you are going to get cake charms, the sterling silver charms made by the artisans at Flowering Pineapple are worth a look. Each of their lovely charms is attached not only with a ribbon, but with an embellishment at the end of the ribbons. Cute and elegant - it can be kept as a lovely bookmark. Prices range from $34.95 and $54.95.

Be sure to try, they also sell sterling silver charms in a wide variety of choices - a lot of choices ranging from hearts to airplanes. Also, check out the picture on their website that shows a typical cake pull at a bridal shower party. Prices range from $30 to $75.

Depending on how traditional you want to plan your wedding, the cake pull may or may not be your cup of tea, but it's a sure fun way to do something a bridal shower. What do you think? Is it too old fashioned?

Ringbearer Pillows with Personality

Since the days of kings and queens, important pieces of jewelry were always presented in ornate cushions or pillows. Whether for a coronation or a royal wedding, a beautiful sewn pillow would set the presentation in a glorious way. Let's fast forward a few hundred years and you've got ringbearer pillows. They come in all sorts and in varying prices. Some are cheaper (within the $10 to $50 range, others can be embroidered with a monogram, while there are those that are simply different -handmade, lavishly decorated, and made for the bride and groom who don't just want any pillow. They want a luxurious ring pillow that can be kept as a precious heirloom. Those that your ringbearer will be proud to hold up and not toss off during the ceremony by "accident". For these couples, I recommend the following fine boutiques:

Olivier Laudus

Based in London, but they sell to the US. Their collection consists of pillows in your choice of satin or dupioni silk. Each are embellished with lustrous pearls and diamante circles. You also have the option of having your wedding date and initials embroidered on the pillow. These pillows come in their own keepsake box bearing the company's name. My favorite is the one with a heart in the center called the "Cinderella Wedding Ring Cushion" priced at $166.00.


Already known for their elegant favor packaging, their ring pillows are crafted in silk shantung, hand beaded with glass beads and pearls, and embroidered with lacework. These puppies also come with a silver presentation box bearing their name. If you are looking for an ivory ring bearer pillow, which are not that easy to find, then their book shaped pillow could be it. It's evidently made to look like a real book with flaps, too! The rings are placed inside and you tie them with a set of satin ribbons. It'd be great for a wedding with a fairytale theme. Priced at $185.00


With a reputation for their one of a kind bridal bags, their ring pillows are exquisite. This cream embroidered pillow with a gold silk ribbon is a nice piece for a gold and ivory wedding ceremony. Its edges are beaded with gold and pearl scallops. Priced at $250.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Personal Magazine Cover

Ever wanted to make it to a cover of a magazine? Well, here is your chance. Okay, it won't be national, but at least it's personal! At YourCover, you can have your face or that of anyone else printed on a mag cover - whether it's for a wedding, or other special event.

Their website allows you to create a personalized message based on text you enter - you have to create/register an account, too. Other customization features include the ability to upload a photo from your pc (make sure it's at least 300 dpi to ensure print quality. If you need assistance on ordering, they've also taken the time to create a tutorial from their website. You can even put in a masthead - neat indeed!

Bridal Gown Preserves

After the honeymoon, you'd think the wedding was over. But, for all new brides, they know that the party ain't over - till you've preserved and stored your gown properly. The Knot has teamed with Prestige Preservation offering brides a convenient way of storing their gowns. They clean it first, of course, then store it in a safe acid-free box.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Unique guest book alternative

You say gesture, I say "Guestures". Ever wondered what are some alternatives to the traditional signing of the guest book? Well, here is one that allows you to frame it, keep it, and display it. At Guestures, you can order a beautiful frame that every guest can sign at the wedding reception. An original idea for the bride looking for something different. Depending on your guest size, they offer different sizes of frames from a 16x20 to a 24x30, and come in either metal, wood, or "premium". For ordering, their website also has a nifty interactive configuration tool that allows you to customize your frame according to font, style, frame type and size.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cuff Links - Made of Inlaid Abalone

We've all seen the same kind of cufflinks, but every now and then, something unusual comes along. This one was inspired by the mosaic works of Louis Comfort Tiffany - an inlaid abalone and agate cuff link available at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art for $165 (for non-members). FYI - Louis was the son of the founder of Tiffany and Co.

Vintage Veil by Mr. John

During the glamour days of the Hollywood era between the 40s and 60s, if you had a hat or veil made by milliner, Mr. John, it meant that you were a fashionista at large. This beautiful veil, made back in the 50s, has inspiring lace work that features a 3-d floral design. If you want to make statement, and have $3000 to spare, this is the veil for you.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Running of the Brides

Every year since 1947, a ritual at Filene's Basement has been running once a year for the chance to find the best bridal gown bargain. Popularly known as Filene's annual Bridal Gown Sale or the "Running of the Brides," some brides are known to have camped out on the night before the sale - who wouldn't if you can get a drastically marked down gown. If you have ever been to one, you would know that it is not for the faint of heart. As they say, come equipped, come prepared, and come with your bridal battle garb and attitude. And, don't come alone.

Watch the video and you'll see what this is all about : Filene's Basement

Monday, September 11, 2006

Wedding Invitation Sale

What's all the buzz about? A wedding invitation sale at Paper Buzz! Some of their sale items include invitations by Anna Griffin and Caspari. I just don't know when the sale ends (the site didn't say, or I just couldn't find it:)).

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Battenberg Cake

Gâteau, gâteau, gâteau! Okay, when you say it three times in a row, the French word for "cake" has a funny ring to it. But putting aside that, who doesn't like cake especially if it's checkered and covered in marzipan icing? Yum's the word! If you haven't seen a Battenberg or Battenburg cake, you've probably seen cakes that have this checkered design. This fancy cake is said to have been named in honor of the marriage of Queen Victoria's granddaugher, Princess Victoria of Hessee-Darmstadt to Prince Louis of Battenberg. Basically, it consists of pink and yellow sponge cake, apricot jam, and marzipan icing. There are several variations of this cake, but the one I've described is at its most basic level:

It's colorful appearance makes it perfect for a sweet afternoon tea party.

If you want to see some delicious pictures, Bron Marshall has some really fab pics.

For recipes:

Better Homes and Gardens

All Recipes

Recipe Goldmine

Gastronomy Domine

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wedding Cupcakes

Call it inspiration from across the Atlantic! These wonderful cupcake arrangements from Cakes 4 Fun in London are just so beautiful. I think their pictures says it all.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Chocolate Mold - for Favors

If you can melt it, you can mold. Chocolate in any form - be it a cake, coin, or any other object you can imagine (I won't mention anything else besides chocolate thongs). But anyways, candy or chocolate molds are a fun way to give out edible favors at a wedding or bridal shower party. They're even a great project for a Saturday afternoon - a snowed out one with the kids, or as a fun craft-oriented shower.

There are many kinds of chocolate molds out there such as:


Make and Mold Wedding Cake Mold from Wrapwithus - at $2.49 per mold. This is a mold that is different from the ones you can make into a lollipop. If you are inspired by those Godiva chocolate cake favors made by cake designer Sylvia Weinstock, then this could be a nice alternative. I can't say though about how it will taste because Godiva chocolate is supremo good. On another note, Make and Mold's website also features some interesting DIY projects.


Purse and Umbrella Chocolate Mold - at $2.19 per mold

They also have the mold for a cake on a lollipop, which seems to be quite popular. There are several kinds of these lollipop molds around the web, that come in different designs.


Bride and Groom on a Lollipop from Candy Mold Central - at $1.89 per mold
They also feature several other kinds of molds in the shape of every bridal thing such as a bell, swan, or champagne glass - to name a few.

Happy Molding!


Wedding Chocolate Favors - Truffles

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gown Sale - "Brides Against Breast Cancer"

In a previous post, I mentioned that you could donate your wedding gown to a charity auction. From a gown buyer's perspective, some good news is in the air.

There's an upcoming gown sale called "Brides Against Breast Cancer" in the Baltimore area - sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Curves and the radio station (MIX 106.5). The auction comes in two segments: one on October 19th for a auction preview party wherein tickets run $50 and up. Not bad if you're looking to enjoy some champagne and hors d'oeuvres for a good cause. The next segment runs between October 20-21 at Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation.

Incidentally, there are also other event sales scheduled around the country:

Wedding Charity

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What to Wear for a Winter Wedding

Visions of snowflakes and icicles bring forth all the surreal beauty of winter - both romantic and glamorous. But wait, it's also really cold, especially if you live anywhere within the midwest and east coast region. How about Chicago or Vermont in December? And let's not forget our Canadian brides, it's cold up there!

A wedding in the winter can certainly be ultra glamourous, but you gotta have the right garb to look fabulous even when it's 20-30 below (brrr!). And hopefully, you don't have to look like the Pillsbury doughboy. So, with that said, the search is on for pretty things to wear with a wedding gown this coming winter.

Here are some of my first finds:

This wonderful ivory faux fur satin shrug - simple with an elegant satin ribbon. There is also a similar one in white. Only problem is that this is from the UK, but this piece from Cornelia James might be available in the US. Some of their products are available in stores such as Neiman Marcus. It's still quite an inspirational piece - perhaps a similar capelet might be lurking around somewhere on the web.


Stylish is the word to describe this white coat from Designer Tuleh. As for the price, still searching for it.


From, this white wool coat from Via Spiga touts a cashmere and wool blend. So chic! For $399.00, it's worth a look, since white coats that are stylish are so hard to come by.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Contests to Join

I rarely win anything, but if there is a chance to join a contest, then why not! You never know when it could be your lucky day.

After searching through the weddingsphere, here are some contests that I stumbled upon - hope to find more:

$5,000 Grand Prize from Mirassou Wines - the contest ends on Dec. 1, 2006

Win a honeymoon vacation from Things Remembered valued at $4,400 - contest runs through March, 2007 (they don't give the exact date). And, if you don't win the grand prize, you can still have a chance to win gift certificates - yay.

From Blue Nile, enter to win a Signature Princess-Cut Diamond - their contest ends on November 30, 2006.

Good luck!

Wedding Promotions