Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A wedding in Baghdad

As the rest of the world focuses on the war in Iraq, love still manaages to conquer all. Little is known that the wedding industry in the country is booming. Who would’ve thought? Since the invasion began in 2003, estimated stats show that marriages have nearly doubled. Judges in Basra are said to have be overwhelmed with marriage contracts that many have had to turn away would-be brides and grooms. Why all of a sudden? At the time, Hussein was in power, men in the country had to ask the government for permission to get married! It is also believed that many people were less willing to get married for the lack of having a promising future. What really surprises me the most is the clip on CNN showing an Iraqi bride wearing a white wedding gown - a Western wedding tradition. While that much has certainly changed for the better, shooting guns up in the air is still a regular celebratory gesture – even in weddings. In the end, I do hope that women in the country are treated more fairly.

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