Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Favorite Winter Wedding Theme with Snowflakes

Cold weather is here! Since the weather in many places shows snow, I thought, why not have a snow themed wedding! Imagine a venue all decorated with faux snow, floating lights, and a winter-inspired pine tree decorated with touches of Christmas. You can also put a twist to the scene with a theme or motif inspired by a dreamy, fairytale scene. Here are my "LOVE-IT'S" for such as winter theme:

The Cake Has to be White via Earlene's Cakes

The Flower Bouquet - An all porcelain-made bouquet via

The Favors for Guests - Whimsical eggs with a chocolate truffle via Bellenza

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Winter Stoles for Weddings

It's a looking like winter baby! I've really fallen in love with the notion of a white winter wedding. Picture this: snow, peppermint candy, champagne, and a white chocolate wedding cake! But, one of my favorite aspects is wearing a lovely stole or cape! The look is just so romantic and elegant.

Some of these styles are so unique that you gotta love getting married in the middle of winter:

Bolero style from Pierotucci S.r.l.

Cape in cream from Julie Fleming

Faux fur from - my favorite!