Monday, June 20, 2005

Godzilla kidnapped the bride

Bridezilla. Chauvinistic term or one crafted by the wedding industry to sensationalize the normal wedding frenzy associated with planning that dream wedding. While there are occasions where brides do make unreasonable demands such as wanting to have the absolute perfect shade of fuchsia-colored flowers, making sure the d├ęcor of placecard holder matches the wall decoration of the wedding hall, creating edible sugar flowers to decorate her napkin rings, or demanding that her ivory invitations must match the color of her chocolate favor boxes. To an outsider, it does look a bit crazy. After all, nobody will really notice the difference whether or not the shade of ivory favor boxes are not exactly the same color as the invitations. And, will guests really be appalled if the fuchsia flowers look more like hot pink? Or, will they care if the napkin rings are made of real versus edible flowers? The answer to this all is purely subjective. Is “bridezilla” really a monster or an outright perfectionist? I guess it depends on whose side your are on.

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