Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dahlia Wedding Bouquets

They're such beautiful flowers and come in a variety of colors ranging from brilliant orange to even purple! Take a look at this gorgeous one from The Knot!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

7 ways on how to have a summer wedding cheaply

Yes, these are drastic but guaranteed not to leave you broke:

1) Hold the ceremony and reception in a park - this can be your community recreation center or even a public park

2) Get your friends and family to chip in with the food - have a potluck party!

3) Have an ice cream and dessert table or a pie party instead of one big cake or if you still want to have one cake, make your own and decorate it with edible flowers

4) Instead of a white gown that can cost a bundle, have a simple white dress that you can wear as a party dress. If the wedding is on a beach, wear a flowing sun dress in white. The look can be just stunning and stylish!

5) Don't tux it! Just wear a chic navy blue suit and a sharp tie! Grooms - get a good haircut! This can make a big difference.

6) Instead of sending actual paper invites, send them out via online invitations or if you are truly daring, just text it.

7) Get married on a weekday. A Thursday or Friday can save you major $$$$.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cool Cocktail Sodas from Stirrings

Am crazy about these cool cocktail sodas from Stirrings! They're great as drinks for a cocktail party or bridal shower. Serve them up in chic martini glasses. Include some appetizers such as chicken satay, crab cakes, and fried wontons stuffed with shrimp. Oh yummy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding gowns for 2010 Spring

I couldn't resist the new gowns for Spring 2010. Romantic is the one word that seems to resonate throughout these designs. I've gathered my favorite ones here and you will find that some of them aren't completely white gowns. Some have an ecru-like finish which is so beautiful! Here they are via (view all gowns),

Maggie Sottero - the gown is gorgeous!

Sophia Tolli

Rina di Montella Bridal - this is my favorite. The embroidery work makes we want to get married all over again! And the pretty sash goes beautifully with it.

You may also want to read the dress trend report on their website. It looks like dresses have gotten much shorter hemlines. I think it's a refreshing change:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

3D Grooms Cakes

I couldn't help but just laugh when I decided to post about 3D cakes. They're a whimsical way to really bring out the grooms cake! Who would have thought that planning this cake could be so much fun. Even more fun than probably picking out the wedding cake itself. Imagine. You can not only be adventurous with the design of the cake, but also with the flavors of the cake, too. Think all out chocolate, peanut butter, or even flavors infused with liqueur! Oh yum! Some of my favorites:

Sedona Sweet Arts Bakery - this is just too funny!

Michelle Cakes from the UK - this girl is good

Sweet Rewards - this guitar cake is amazing