Friday, June 10, 2005

Say "I DO" by Feng Shui

Step aside wedding planners – Feng Shui weddings are here? When you can’t decide on what time to get hitched or what color to wear to the wedding, it seems that Chinese couples often turn to Feng Shui for an answer. But, is it really worth the advice? Let’s take on some examples. For one thing, Feng Shui advisors say that 2005 is considered an auspicious year to have a baby, propose marriage, or get married. Or, say, a morning wedding is better than a late afternoon or evening wedding because a ceremony amidst a sunset signifies an ending (e.g., death) rather than a beginning. Moreover, giving sharp or pointed objects such as letter openers as guest mementos are considered as ominous tokens. Lastly, wearing black or white is a definite “no-no” because the color is often a symbol of mourning or death. From the way it sounds, my interpretation is that a Feng Shui style wedding comes as being sensible more than anything else. For one thing, a wedding in the morning saves you more money than an afternoon or evening event, while wearing black to a wedding would be very disrespectful to the host. Whether practical or just plain mystical, perhaps Feng Shui is a better alternative to spending thousands on useless wedding guides and planners.

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