Saturday, June 25, 2005

A dress unlike any other

On any given day, when you pick a wedding magazine, it is not difficult to find a wedding gown. Normally, when you walk into a bridal boutique, there are more than enough gown choices to make one giddy. These scenarios only apply to brides who belong to the world above a certain height. That height is the 5’3 and above world where gown designers have ignored short people. Short people who also have to get married. The world has yet to be made for petite brides! Why don’t you see any models donning the latest gown designs from names like Alfred Angelo or Vera Wang? With all the different gown styles, a ball gown design may look like a Cinderella dream, but on a short person, one would look more like a topiary. As for a sheath and mermaid gown design. C’mon, you’ve got to be kidding. Unless you have the height of Nicole Kidman, forget trying these babies. When dreaming of a perfect gown, every bride dreams of a long and beautiful train with a flowing veil. Short people can’t walk down the aisle with a long train unless this train has wheels! I wonder if any short grooms have anything to say?


Author spent many months looking for a gown. Visiting countless boutiques in LA. It was a disastrous experience. With the help of her future MIL, she was lucky enough to have her strapless A-line gown custom-made. Custom made to fit her height. Her tiara was the size of a kiddie tiara. The veil was short - reaching her elbows. No train.

The shoe buying experience is another story...

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Weary Hag said...

Cute story. I hadn't realized they skimp on making designer gowns for vertically-challenged women! Good point. Of course, back when I was gown shopping... it was the middle ages... there weren't the selections back then that there are today. I made the mistake of going with the huge, hoop skirt affair so that every time I sat down all day and night, I had to hold the thing down for fear it would shoot up in the air in front of me. Ugh.