Monday, July 31, 2006

Wedding gowns - for doggies

There are gowns for women and girls, but now dog lovers can get a piece of the action. These cute dog dresses are just so unique. Great when having pets as part of the wedding entourage, or as replacements altogether for the ringbearer.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yummy Chocolate Truffles

Truffles delight. Truffles are decadent. Truffles in moderation can bring joy yet lots of calories. After trying a couple of Lindt chocolate truffles the other day, I am just hooked on these little critters. They're wrapped in little bonbon sized candies, yet teeming with creamy filling. My personal favorites are the hazelnut, mint, and raspberry filling. And at about $7 per bag of 8.5 oz, that's not too bad for something so damn good. Even if you're not planning a wedding party or bridal shower, you've gotta try them. For one thing, they're also cheaper than buying truffles from Godiva.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let's Go Jelly Beans - Favors and All

Jelly beans from Jelly Belly are the quintessential candy - no matter what age you are. And with the multitude of colors and flavors now available, they make wonderful favors for all kinds of parties. They're also a hit as wedding or bridal shower favors now that you can buy them all in one color such as pink, gree, or blue. As for chocolate lovers, you have not been forgotten. Jelly Belly also has a new line of chocolate jelly beans - to be exact, they're candy coated chocolate in flavors of fudge brownie, cappuccino, cococut, vanilla, and caramel to name a few. Their website also sells Jordan Almonds and other traditional wedding candies, but go for the beans, they're so much more exciting.

Jelly Beans

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wedding Cheesecakes

I'm not a big fan of cheesecakes, but when I saw these featured on the Food Channel, I think I may be a convert. These delicious cheesecakes are made in a multitude of flavors (i.e., 180 and growing) such as espresso Kahlua, Lemon Mascarpone, and Tiramisu to name a few. Based in Minneapolis, MuddyPaws Cheesecakes, there is nothing muddy at all. And with these delicious creations, it is no wonder why they're often chosen as an alternative to traditional wedding cakes.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wedding cupcakes - the perfect little cakes

The three-tiered wedding cake has been around for ages. For those looking for a fantastic alternative, wedding cupcakes are it. They are available in just as many flavors and colors as regular cakes. Their smallness makes them ideal as lovely desserts or they can be given out in cute containers for guests to take home as sweet favors.

If you love cupcakes and who doesn't except if you're more of a muffin type, then check out this blog:

Cupcakes Takes the Cake

And for more pics, be sure to check out:

Cakes 4 Fun

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Photo cookies - yummy favors

Cookies - whatever shape, size, or flavor, you just gotta love them. What's better than a plain cookie? One with your photo, of course. Okay, a little conceit is okay. Mrs. Beasley's has these cute photo cookies - perfect as favors for a wedding or whatever occasion. All you need is a lovely photo of yourself and your image can be imprinted on a vanilla cookie. Just be sure to eat the cookies within 4-5 weeks because the image starts to fade soon after that.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Nicole's Wedding

Nicole Kidman looked absolutely exquisite in her flowing Balenciega wedding gown. From what I've read, the wedding was performed as a traditional Catholic service. And soon after, reports have said that several of their wedding day mementos have been available for auction on eBay. I just have two questions:

1) How could it be a Catholic service, if she had previously been divorced unless of course, she got an annulment?

2) Why are their precious keepsakes being so quickly sold on eBay?

You gotta wonder, but nevertheless, I'm still happy for Nicole.

If you want to see pics of the wedding, these sites are a must-see:

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