Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Wedding Simulation Game

Sometimes it's nice to get away from wedding reality, even if it just means downloading a game. Actually, it's a wedding simulation game for a couple named Jenny & Robert who are planning their nuptials. This game features 16 levels - by which you encounter certain wedding "crisis" events like your invitations get ruined at the printers, the musicians can't make it because they finally got their latest breakthrough album, or the favors came out looking like cheap useless tsotchkes. So, if you're not busy planning your own real wedding, then why not take the time to play/plan this wedding game. It might just get you ready for the real thing!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Coral Wedding Invitations

Because I'm feeling blue, downright blue and dull, even gray. The best color that comes into mind that will pick me up, or at least lighten my mood is orange, or coral as it is also widely known as. To get yourself immersed in this color, though, can take a little effort because let's face it, orange is not a color that is like pink, which in an instant, you either like it or hate it. There are also people who say that orange is the color of being crazy? Anyways, it's still an interesting color. But, today, let's try to like this color. Besides coral being a very uncommon wedding color, it can actually be matched with a few other lesser known colors such as turquoise, lime green, or olive. You can also coordinate coral very well with ivory. I'm asking myself right now, how does one start with an orange color palette.

The answer is to start with paper:

Papel Vivo's Handmade Invitation
A bit pricey, but the handmade quality of these invitations is worth it. The pretty coral design is just a great way to set the stage for a classy beach party. Notice the chocolate brown shaded band that goes with the invitation. Brown can also be matched with coral!

Swoozies Coral Place Card (from Putnam House)
This elegant place card features a border of coral designs. If you don't want to go overboard, this is the way to go.

Fine Stationery

Want to send a photo of your honeymoon together with your thank-you cards? These lovely cards allow you to place a photo on the card. I say these are just too cute because you can display the card on your desk at the office or home.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Soolip Wedding - Event on Sunday

If you're free on Sunday, live in Southern Cal, and don't have a hangover from St. Patrick's Day, then head off to "A Soolip Wedding" - a premier bridal event for modern brides. The theme of this year's event will be A Green Wedding that emphasizes environmentally-conscious wedding vendors and suppliers.

Interested? Here is the info to get you there:


Sunday, March 18, 2007
11am to 3pm

Social Hollywood
6525 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028

Tickets may be purchased online at or by
calling 310.860.1300


A Soolip Wedding

For event information call 310.860.1300

$65 per person includes: fashion show, luncheon, gift bag, cake and
champagne tasting

Have fun and enjoy the show!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ideas for A St. Patrick's Day Wedding Party

Since St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, I thought that I’d jump start things for those planning a party with some truly unique invitations and more.


For a person planning a fun-filled affair with both genders, these cute beer-shaped invitations are great for a couple planning an engagement party on St Patrick’s Day. Try these from


For an engagement party cake for the couple, you can buy a mold in the shape of a shamrock and decorate it with green sugar crystals, while using a simple buttercream frosting. Try Confectionary House:


In the area of fashion, you don’t have to dress like a leprechaun because there are dozens of beautiful dresses in a lovely shade of green. This gorgeous bridesmaid dress from Jenny Yoo in a pretty sage green color is so elegant yet it doesn’t look ostentatious at all. From Flutter Boutique:


Go with classic calla lilies or vanilla cream roses for a stylish bouquet or centerpiece. Visit Martha Stewart for some really great examples!

Ah, what to take home? Use a dainty organza bag decorated with embroidery, and fill it with some goodies! You could give any of the following items or all of them if you want to be extra generous on this day:

Green M&M’s® - my personal favorite

Gold Jordan almonds
Gold or green foil wrapped chocolates in the shape of coins or shamrocks
Miniature chocolate leprechauns
Shamrock shaped cookies

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Going on a wedding diet?

Let’s face it – when you’re planning a wedding, losing weight no matter how much or how little isn’t easy at all once you hit that age wherein one’s metabolism seemingly comes to a screeching halt. Making it worse are all those skinny models you’ve seen gracing those wedding mags literally all the time. I mean how often do you see a fat bride on the cover. Oh, excuse me, you can’t use that word – “fat.” Plus-size or bountiful would be a better label, I suppose. Honestly, being fat really shouldn’t be something that should be covered up. If you want to look your best on your wedding day, fitting into your gown whether it is a size 2 or size 12 really shouldn’t be about wanting to look thin, it should be about simply looking your best. For this mighty statement, if you have 12 months and plan on following this simple philosophy then looking good is really straightforward. And when it comes to putting oneself on a diet in order to fit into that gown, you don’t have to resort to starving yourself, just learn how to find good substitutes that are high in flavor, but low on the fat quotient. Take these three foods that we all love to eat:

Ice cream
When you mix eggs, milk, and sugar, you have something truly great, but as we all know, ice cream is a belly and bun maker. Once you have that ice cream, reality seems to fade for a few seconds, or so, and then it hits that you have just consumed about 500 calories or more. Depending on much of a scoop you have had and if it were topped with nuts, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles, it can safely add up to a 1000 calorie diet bomb. If you can’t give up ice cream for at least 12 months, then the best thing to do is to find a good substitute. What!? It boils down to two simple words: frozen yogurt. To be more exact, I am referring to non-fat frozen yogurt with a little topping. They’re not that easy to find, but are increasing in popularity. Just don’t go all out on the toppings because you will pack in those extra calories!

Potato Chips
As a confessed junk food junkie, eating Lay’s was a childhood/adulthood passion that came to a halt when it was my turn to be a bride. So, what do you? You search for a damn good substitute such as gourmet chips – often baked in olive oil. The best ones I’ve tasted are Terra Chips® and Kettle Bakes®. High on flavor and low on the guilt factor. The hickory honey barbecue from Kettle Chips are so good yet you don’t feel like a Russet potato after you eat a couple of them. You don’t have to feel entirely guilty because they have much less fat than regular chips. In fact, they taste better, too.

Yes, I was also a cupcake crazed chick at one point in time until I realized that one puppy can pack in about 400 calories. And I truly mean, just one alone can add up to that much fat and calories. What do you do? For starters, stay away from those cream cheese frosted ones as a bold beginning. It's a harsh measure, but a necessary one. Then, substitute low-fat muffins and top them with non-fat cream cheese. For frosting, use non-fat whip cream from Jello®.