Friday, April 28, 2006

A Cool Wedding Blog

I came across this blog while searching the web for wedding blogs - like a typical Friday breakfast session - I'm just surfing the web! ANyways, I think these guys are doing something really unique by raising money for their honeymoon in Hawaii. You can also find a neat journal of how their wedding planning is going so far.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flasks and Money Clips

A friend of mine was recently shopping around for some groomsmen gifts. She was wondering if item such as money clips and flasks are still appropriate gifts for men her age - around 25. They do come in some stylish forms and designs, but a money clip is a money clip, and a flask is a flask.

While I don't think these products are without practical purpose, I do wonder if men especially young men like to carry around a flask? It just had me seeing visions of DOMs or alcoholics. And what about money clips? Well, I can see the practical side if you carry around large wads of cash that can't fit your wallet, but most guys nowadays use the card unless you're a casino-going Sin city high roller.

Monday, April 17, 2006


In my usual Sunday fashion, I generally spend it by preparing for the coming week (e.g., laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping) or I sit around home doing nothing. However, yesterday I decided to just do the latter and join the ranks of mouse potatoes – munching on chips and surfing the web. Ain’t good for my thighs, but what the heck. Anyways, I came across this really awesome looking hotel in Morocco called the Kasbah Tamadot – now owned by Sir Richard Branson. While the place is located on the outskirts of Morocco and if you are willing to brave the countryside, perhaps it might be worth it, but for me, I just choose to oogle at its beauty. Sure looks like an exciting and romantic place for a honeymoon.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My First Invitation to a Wedding in 06'

Yes. This summer I finally got invited to my future sister in law's wedding. While I won't be a member of the wedding party, attending a wedding is always a perfect opportunity to people watch. Probably one of the best parts of a wedding is finding out more about other people and trying not to let other people know about you. It's as if you have to play a sort of masquerade at events like this because inevitably gossips and rumors start to linger long after the wedding. You'd think people would remember how beautiful the wedding was, of course, but somehow, gossip just seems to stay around much much longer. For example, who married whom, so and so gained 10 pounds, or did you see her new boyfriend? Yeah, these are typical psot-wedding tidbits you normally pick up in our family! Certainly give a new name to wedding gossip!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Pocketbook? From huh to duh...

I had an interesting conversation today with an elderly lady in the elevator. It all started when I got into the elevator and pressed the button for my floor. With the usual polite smile you give people in the elevator that don’t look threatening or like a stalker, I smiled to her casually. She then made a very puzzling comment and said that you have a very unique pocketbook. Okay, I don’t quite know what she means, but when I was in school, a pocketbook was a small book, right? Well, I guess I must have missed out on the third definition of the word: a purse!

Who would’ve known a pocketbook is also called a purse? Was the lingo they used back in the 50s or 60s? Anyways, I didn’t want to offend her or question what she was referring to so I just smiled and said “thank you” – while scratching my head and wondering what the heck she meant. Now I know better! I guess it’s kind of like saying “pop” when you’re in Michigan, and soda when you’re in San Diego!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Beautiful Web

Have you met a rude person today, while at the mall, restaurant, or even just standing in the hallway waiting for the elevator? Rudeness. It's all around, and this weekend I realized why the Internet is so beautiful. Mainly, it allows you to cut through the crap of impolite people you meet while browsing at the video store. One of the first things I will be trying out is the service from Netflix, which allows you to rent DVDs through mail instead of going to the video store.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's Cook Italian!

To add excitement to my life, I've decided to learn how to cook Italian food. Perhaps I won't end up as a chef, but I am now cooking Italian at home. For inspiration, I have looked to the show "Every Italian" with Giada De Laurentiis. The recipes look so good and they don't look difficult.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Make a Wish

There are many things in life that we all wish for. Some wish for wealth and others wish for peace. while we all know that wishes are just wishes, making them a reality is also a wish within itself. Now, your're asking: what's the point, right? Well, when you don't wish for something at all, life just seems as if there is nothing hopeful to wish for. So,if one day you should bump into Aladdin's Lamp, what would you wish for?