Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Going postal

It’s hot. It’s noisy. I’m standing in line at the downtown post office with my mail in tow. The only form of entertainment available is a close caption TV with a US postal instructional video on how to package mail. Next time, I’ll be sure to buy my stamps at the machine, which means I must have enough cash to put into the machine, which means I have to go to the Atm at a safe hour. Useless afterthought, but it’s sure better than staying idle. Ironically, this experience is not a completely wasted fragment of my LA existence, though certainly one that could be avoided. Amidst this mind numbing experience, a voice cries out silently and asks: do wives make better husbands, and vice versa? Hmm. Is this some spontaneous thought begging to come out of the monotony or a valid question somewhere residing in my dynamic female mind! I have to think about this one…Maybe the answer will come out when I’m waiting in rush hour traffic. To be continued...

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