Monday, June 27, 2005

Ka-ching bride

After watching Katie Couric's interview with Jennifer Milbank's on MSNBC, I was left in awe more than anything else. She did make it a little clear that she had two choices: 1) pop a bottle of pills, or 2) take the Greyhound. Hmm. What I still don't understand from the interview was whether or not she actually decided to run from the actual wedding, the groom, or perhaps both. Am I only the one left with this pressing question?

Throughout the interview, I was more amazed at the fact, that her fiance still stuck it out with her by going on TV? Loser or just desperate? Don't you think he needs therapy as well? Nodding head....What's next for them? One sure thing, though, she's sure making money with all those paid interviews. Maybe she needs the money to pay back all the wedding vendors that got ditched. Did I forget to mention that she also has an agent?

Seems like the judge who handled her case was pretty lenient. Considering that she made national TV and got her whole town involved, 120 hours of community service is a slap on a wrist!

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SJ said...

An agent. Figures. The Andy Warhol "15 minutes of fame" thing comes true more and more each day, doesn't it?