Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prints on a Wedding Gown

Ever consider a gown with a print like paisley, damask, or florals? I stumbled upon this one from David's Bridal and the cost is quite affordable at $449.00

a pretty organza printed dress

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding proposal ideas -- too cute and cool not to miss

What a unique way to pop the question? Don't you think? Or how about planting the proposal on lawn! See the story, here.

Do you want to be ultra cool? Try having your proposal printed on some M&M chocolate candies with "Will you marry me?" See the image I created using their custom web tool:

 Lastly, you can also try something just as spontaneous with a conversation heart ring:

via lagirlsecrets

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fun Finds - Some DIYs for you

I'm putting on my crafty hat this Friday with some really cool DIY projects for your wedding. Let's start with some paper flowers using crepe:

paper flower favor project via ohhappyday
We follow these pretty flowers with some rose cupcakes and a lovely paper bouquet:

wedding crafting via plungeproject from Cricut blog
HAPPY crafting!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative Seating Charts!

Can't think of a more creative way than to use window panes for your seating charts! Check this out:

image found on the party dress
Want another idea? Try this one using a chalkboard:

image found on lifeworkmediablog
And finally, this is my favorite one that is inspired by the style of Kate Spade using a wall of envelopes:

image found on a few of my favorite things

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Dress -- NO - a wedding cake!

Just spotted this awesome wedding dress, but wait! Take a closer look and it's a cake!

beautiful ivory calla lillies adorn the dress
via digu.com

Okay, you don't have to have an exact replica of your gown as your wedding cake, but you can have your cake maker design a cake that takes some pretty details from your dress. See some examples:

dress from bridal wave and cake by maisie fantasie
and found via love and lavender
gown from Lea-Ann Belter Cecilia

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Finally - FUN finds for your wedding

So glad that it's Friday. Weekend--you are finally here! I'm ending it with 3 great finds for your wedding:

white wedding cake by Stevi Auble, owner of Hey There, Cupcake!
found via Half Baked

beautiful rose bouquet by JMFlora Design
via Bride's Cafe
cotton candy meringues that you can give as favors by
Sprinkle Bakes

Enjoy everyone! Have wonderful weekend :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday - fun finds!

I'm so relieved it's Friday! Now on to my favorite finds of the week. A tiara to wear for the bride who wants to look like a princess, and a wedding cake inspired by beautiful china patterns. Lastly, I can't get enough of peach this season, so I'm sharing with you a beautiful eye shadow palette. Enjoy!

pearl tiara via etsy from Twigs & Honey LLC.

wedding cakes inspired by china
laura mercier eye shadow

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is a Custom Gown for you?

 Ever consider a custom-made bridal gown? Before you venture forth and have your dream gown made by a seamstress, be sure to remember the following:

1) Select a dress first that will flatter your body. Don't choose one that looks great in a magazine, but doesn't accentuate or hide your imperfections. Petite brides, too. Be sure you find a gown that doesn't cause you to look funny. Find inspiration from reputable petite gown makers like Priscilla's of Boston. Also, try on a couple of gowns first to see how the fit goes. A ball-gown dress is probably not for a petite bride, so just be careful. A-line would be more suitable because it will not make you look too shor t.

2) Know what kind of fabric you are dealing with. Understand what is tulle, chiffon, silk shantung, satin, taffeta, and organza. These are all different fabrics with a unique texture and feel. The most popular ones would be a mix of fabrics.

Gown by Vera Wang

3) Limit your inspiration to 5-7 designs at the most. The more you choose, the more confusing you will get.

4) Check sources and client recoms! Ask former clients for their feedback.

5) Weigh the cost first before starting a custom-gown project. Is buying cheaper? Is it going to save you time? Or would the luxury of a custom-couture gown be more appealing?                                    

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 09, 2012

Peach dahlias

And of course, who can't forget peach colored dahlias from the Dahlia Barn! Aren'they pretty? Perfect for a fall wedding or as a bouquet for a peach summer wedding.

Maarn- Dahlia
Sherwood Peach
Amber Queen

Seeing peaches and cream!

Oh, how lovely can peach be. And with orange as the "in" color for the season. How can you not get excited? So, here are some peach wedding color ideas:
save the date cards from bellafigura

pretty peach wedding cake from Southern Living

earrings to match from etsy

the bridesmaid dress

the brides' bouquet

Matching peach is easy! It can pair with cream, aqua, brown, gold, and even a lovely shade of green like chartreuse that also has a unique hue of yellow. You can experiment with just one shade of orange and make it a monochromatic palette. Have fun!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Feeling light and feathery

Found these lovely accessories from BRITTEN from the UK and couldn't resist to share these with you. Accessories like fans add that unique flair to a bride's overall look. If you choose to forego a bouquet, these fans are a perfect alternative:

pale pink feather fan - Fleur

peacock feather fan - Eva

pearl pink feather - Pearl

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Lovely - Orange Bouquets!

Since finding that the Pantone color for the season is mandarin orange, who wouldn't love to have a chic orange bouquet. Here three pretty ones to see:

narcissus from marthastewart.com

callas from floraldesignartistry.com

dahlias from arrangementdesign.com

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Bohemian Brides! A Theme for you!

My latest post covers this unique and romantic theme that I've always loved. Imagine a wedding inspired by such stories as Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Tale. Or how about a wedding set in a lush forest? I bring these 3 wonderful inspiration boards as your guide:

from Bohemian Bride

from Magnolia Rouge

from The Ivory Dahlia