Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The times?

My postal experience has yielded something worth thinking about..Do wives make better husbands and vice versa? Or, do women make better husbands, and men make better wives? This really got me thinking yesterday. Why? Perhaps it’s because my best friend’s husband is always taking care of their newborn baby boy. She works all the time at a music company, while he stays home with the kid. He is a super dad. Changes diapers, does the grocery, and etc. Stays up all night. Short of breastfeeding, I’d say that he’s virtually a mom. When I look at both of their personalities, though, she is a total type A – drive hard – I want to have it all kind of woman. There’s nothing wrong with that, but can women really have it all while having a career? In her case, since they have essentially reversed roles, I can see how her husband is making a better wife. Yet again, maybe I should go back and ask the more fundamental question: what is the role of a husband and that of a wife? Seems like our changing society has blurred the once definitive roles that men and women hold in marriage. Am I crazy to think that this is not really about the changing roles of women as wives, but more so out of the inherent fit one’s personality and career goals are set that ultimately dictates these roles. I believe that these have not changed per say, but have rather evolved to reflect the times.

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