Wednesday, June 15, 2005


While eating sushi at my favorite restaurant in LA, a conversation between a couple strikes up as a humorous observation of how women use words as “woo charms.” Every couple has some form of unique vernacular between them. There’s nothing wrong with using pet names interspersed with foreign or English phrases, but what I do find most irritating is when men or women precede every other sentence with the word “honey.” To make it clear, I for one do not use that phrase ever for it is plain corny.

Unless I’m talking to a four year old, I would never use that phrase on my partner. It would be so un-me. Anyways, as this couple began to decide on their order, the girl began every sentence with “honey.” So, think of this:

Honey, what would you like to order?
Honey, I think you should you have some soup?
Honey, do you want to order beer?

Without going into further detail, I decided to spare myself the agony of further listening into their conversation by finishing up my teriyaki salmon and skipping dessert.

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Weary Hag said...

Oops. I use "honey" with both my fiance and my daughter. Not in repetitive streams, mind you, still, I am guilty as charged for using the word. I don't think it's corny ~thought in retrospect, while still in my teens and 20s I probably did.
I do kind of take offense when someone who is 30 years younger than I am hands me a menu and says "okay HON, I'll be back in a moment."
Man, that irks me.