Sunday, July 24, 2005

When men turn into husbands..

Before I got married, a trip to the mall was a leisurely activity with my now-husband. But now, it seems that going to the mall means getting exactly what we need to get. For example, if we need to buy a pair of jeans, my husband knows exactly where he's going to go at the mall. A record day at the mall becomes a 30 minute run. Anything more would be considered a waste of time. A stressful event at that. You can imagine what Christmas is like. There is no Christmas shopping season because we buy our gifts right after Labor Day and then some between October and Thanksgiving. Shopping on the Net has also become an alternative we have often explored. Convenient, yes, but it takes the fun out of going from shop to shop and just looking! Perhaps I am like this because I am such a tactile person as opposed to other people who are comfortable with online shopping.


Bill said...

Men and women, in general, shop differently... we like to know what we're shopping for, get it and get out... in short men take 'buying' trips as opposed to shopping trips.

My wife and I try to blend our differences... She indulges my 'power shopping' at times, and I her 'shopping' at times... other times we simply "go to the store" on our own.

It's a balance we struck for sure!

Dahlia said...

Hi Bill. That sounds like a good way of balancing each other's interests at shopping! Have a good one:)