Saturday, July 16, 2005

5 minute assessment of Dr. Phil

Why 5 minutes? That's all he really deserves!

A boring Friday night plus utter restlessness lends itself to mindless channel surfing. Amidst the continuous action of jumping from channel to channel, I land on an episode of Dr. Phil. In his usual way, he provides "advice" in the manner of a psyhologist turned celebrity talk show host. For this episode, the couple he was counseling had a "major" problem, though one that seemed typical of most marriages. Husband goes out with friends, while wife stays home - living in silent desperation and hoping that one day her husband would notice just how much work she is doing as he goes out and have fun. Dr. Phil reprimands the husband using his most effective tactics: mainly condescension and public humiliation. What surprises me the most is why do these couples subject themselves to the public for such private issues, which are really readily solved by simple and open communication between the two. Granted that there is some money involved for appearing on the show, but c'mon is it really necessary. There are countless other strategies to solve marriage problems such as simple and civil conversation. In the end, do these couples realize that by the time they decide to go on a show such as Dr. Phil, exposing one's dirty laundry to the world pretty much spells doom for the relationship.

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