Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Makeover madness

Beyond my wedding day, I cannot remember the last time I had seriously paid any attention to my makeup and hair. Funny that although it was nearly two years ago, I still vividly remember at how meticulous I was towards achieving that perfect wedding look. The kind of look you see posted on the latest issue of Instyle Weddings or Brides’ mag. The look you want to capture for keeping your photos – a true admission of vanity indeed. In retrospect, the days leading up to that special day felt more like reenacting my prom night minus the zealousness and teenage-like giddiness that characterizes girls at that age. It’s equally more amusing now when I gawk at my wedding photos every time I want to be reminded of how old I am now or how much I have changed – that is to say, I no longer wear any makeup at all. I fear that post-wedding life has made me into somewhat of a frumpy pale chick. Kind of like those women you see on Oprah’s makeover episodes. Is their any help in sight for women whose hectic lives have been so quickly transformed soon after their nuptials? Is a simple lip gloss (i.e., actually Chapstick) the only cosmetic device left for me? Am I not still as beautiful as I was on my wedding day? As my husband would say, did you get a black eye or are you wearing eye shadow?


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Cori said...

My day is filled with carmex as well. I am going to try and do some mascara and lip gloss. My hubby hates when I wear any makeup so it makes it harder or is that easier?