Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Is that a habit?

There are habits. Good and Bad. Problem is most of us tend to notice the bad as the good ones go unnoticed. Regardless of the time spent living together, why is it that behind a peaceful coexistence, that every now and then, there seems to be a silent battle of tolerating little annoyances in the form of bad habits. This applies to both men and women - be it a fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or partner. Granted they are only bad because one thinks they are bad, but in reality it could just be a normal habit as opposed to a bad one.

A typical scenario in my household used to be the toothpaste tube. Every now and then, squeezing it from the center instead of the top of the tube is branded as a bad habit. Of course, this was easily taken care of by innovative product design in the form of toothpaste dispensers typically made specifically for kids, but usable by adults, as well. Or, another scenario is the toilet paper dispenser. Normally, changing a roll is a mindless task that one often forgets the minute it’s changed. However, what happens when one should forget to change it? It becomes a big deal! An annoying one! Sympathizers would say that these lingering bad habits might be due to sheer absent-mindedness not some vile and evil intention to annoy another person. But, in actuality, aren't annoyingly bad habits that pop up every now and then in the home, just a part of living together? They don't really go away - we just learn to tolerate and sometimes even forget that they are annoying in the first place.

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