Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pass the popcorn

Movies. They are the quintessential form of past time entertainment. For couples, they are an opportunity to spend some fun time together. Before getting married, the choice for movies was pretty much left in my hands. I got free rein to select the movie for every our Friday night outing. Back then (more than 10 years ago); movies were cheap before hitting $10. Our most memorable movie nights included the release of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Mission Impossible to name few movies both of us liked. Just as movie prices have increased over the years, so have our individual choices in movies whether it’s a DVD or movie at the theater. Take for instance, a trip to the video store where finding a movie sometimes takes just as long as the movie itself. It’s a choice between chick flicks such as British romantic comedies (e.g., Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually, etc.) and guy flicks such as “action-driven or comedies with no story plot” films that include (e.g., Corky Romano, Little Nicky, etc.). As each of us makes our way into the video store with the hopes of watching a good movie, the end of the line isn’t always what it seems. It ends up with any of the following: a coin-toss, a lottery, or a mutually agreed upon film. The most ironic aspect of the experience is when you actually get to watch the movie together, and one of us falls asleep during the movie!

Nevertheless, when looking for the right movie, thank goodness that the web is filled with useful sources filled with reviews and commentaries:

Rotten Tomatoes
The New Yorker
Yahoo Movie

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