Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cash anyone?

While waiting in line to return a pair socks at Target, there was couple with a list of items with them together with two full carts of what looked like appliances and other household items. At first, it appeared as if they had made some bad choices and simply wanted to return the goods and get their money back. However, looking at them a little bit more closely revealed that they were actually returning their wedding gifts back to Target. Wise or foolishly ungrateful? Looking back at my own gifts, in my storage room still sits that quad toaster and microwave oven that I’ve never opened and used. For all the gifts that we received on our wedding day, it may sound crazy, but it seemed that cash gifts were the ones that I really got appreciated – if you know what I mean. Beyond the china and silverware, I must say that if it were I standing in line to return those gifts for cash, then that would not be so bad at all!


VI said...

I think it depends on the age of those getting married.
If one or both of them have lived alone for a number of years and already *have* everything they need... it's silly to get them *yet another* toaster when they *both already* have their own.
for young couples who are straight out of college who have lived in dorms - or whatever - those types of gifts can be very helpful.

that is all

Peri said...

hi there, just found you. Thanks for linking me on your blogroll.

I sure needed "everything" when I got married, as I went straight from Mom's house. I was grateful for anything. We were young and so poor, then. :)