Monday, July 18, 2005

Dancing Queen

Fred Astaire could tap dance, Mikhael Baryshnikov could do a killer pirouette, and Ricky Martin could shake his bom bom. My husband or former fiancĂ© specializes in no dancing. While he may occasionally exhibit a sideway jiggle, that’s about all the moves you will get. To spare ourselves the embarrassment and for the sake of our wedding guests, there was no first dance on our special day, which wasn’t so bad after all considering that more than half the guests would have been too shy to do the Macarena. While I don’t proclaim to be a virtuoso dancer myself, I have to admit that I’m a closet dancer. No, no, no. There’s no lap dancing nor exotic Brazilian dance moves going on – just plain imaginative dance moves (whatever that entails). To spare the world, I choose the bathroom or the closet as I listen to David Bowie’s famous song: “Let’s Dance.”


MissMeliss said...

I often dance around the living room. My husband, a former music-major who has a lovely singing voice but no sense of rhythm, watches and laughs.

He can't even sway from side to side, with the beat.

It's tragic. I love dancing.

MissMeliss said...

I neglected to add...Michele sent me today.

Dahlia said...

I do the same thing! He just shakes his head at my childish display of fun:) It sure helps take off a lot of stress, though.