Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's It All About - Alfie

Jude Jude Jude. Someone’s been a bad boy.

We've all heard of people cheating on spouses and partners. However, when you cheat on your fiancé, that's a little bit too low especially, when the other woman is a nanny to your kids.

Whether guilt or conscience set in, an apology is a little bit too late when one has already proposed and began planning a wedding. Besides, what can Sienna do with an apology? She can’t shove it back at him? All she has now is a cancelled wedding.

Honestly, I didn't even know that Jude Law was married in the first place, let alone had kids! I thought that he was still a swingin' bachelor. Boy, was I wrong!? While I am not a big fan of Jude Law per say, I think his acting is not bad, BUT he's a bit too effeminate for me. I even thought that he was gay; not that being gay is bad (I have a lot of gay guy friends that are just darlings). Jude just seemed to have that kind of appeal (i.e., too handsome to be straight).


Sleeping Mommy said...

Sad that he's the father and a major role model in three children's lives, isn't it?

Cori said...

I am glad I take care of my kids and not the nanny! heehee