Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A + B = AB?

Cher went out with Sonny, Michael went out with Priscilla, and Julia went out with Lyle. While none of these marriages lasted long after the wedding, from what it appears, opposites do attract or at least some polarity seems to pull vastly different people together.

Experts claim that like-minded people tend to end up together, but somehow I find it very hard to believe. For one thing, if I married a person who knew exacly what I was thinking, since they think the same way, then nothing would probably get accomplished. We would always be coming up with same solutions, eat at the very same places, and watch the same movies. While some may argue that this weeds out a lot of miscommunication, I find that it would be just plain boring to end up with someone exactly like me. Where would all the excitement be, if we thought the same?

I forgot to mention, Sharon and Ozzy.


Woman Wonders said...

Sorry I am just now getting over here! Thanks for your email! Will be adding you very soon!

Have a good day. How did you find me? :)


VI said...

ummm... my husband and I are very similar in personality and belief structure... and it works for us... so, who knows.

I kinda hate drama... so... what you describe as "ideal" is not so for me.

I guess it depends on the person / couple.