Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The hose

Panty hose in the summer – an oxymoronic statement, but one that admittedly deserves attention. I vividly remember that my own wedding was a summer engagement overlooking a beach. While I had romantic visions of walking down the aisle, my own idealistic ways gave way to more than one impractical decision. Though I wore a gown that was fit for the hot and humid day, I didn’t take into account at how ridiculously uncomfortable wearing panty hose is when wearing a wedding gown. For vanity’s sake, it was one of those control top hose that make you appear to have shed pounds even though you have not excercised for ages. Believe me, I advise all women: do not wear panty hose in the summer unless you have a truly good reason!


Chris said...

Hose are evil regardless of the season. They are even more so during the summer.

I am under the firm belief that a man invented panty hose. No woman would do that to another sister IMHO.

Dahlia said...

It had to be man:) The same thing can be said for the bra and the corsette.

Dahlia said...

Oops. I spelled corsette like a corvette. Correction - corset:)