Sunday, July 03, 2005

Long live the Queen

Money can buy anything except class, but if Paris Hilton should have her way, a "royal" wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey or Windsor Castle would be a dream come true. The only problem is that these places are only open to royals. That is, members of the royal family in England. Not Spain, not Brunei, nor any other country, including the US. It is said that Paris Hilton has made a special request to Buckingham Palace. In a letter to Prince Charles, Paris has asked for special permission to hold a wedding at those places sometime in the winter. She does make a good case, though, based on two accounts. One, that she is somewhat like American royalty, and two, that she is marrying a Greek, similar to the Queen and Prince Phillip – she married a Greek, too. England - with its romantic castles and royal charm would certainly be the perfect backdrop to a wintertime wedding extravaganza! Would the Queen approve of such a celebration? We all know what her answer will be, but does Paris?

Meanwhile, while Paris is planning her royal wedding, some less popular celebrity wedding news include the recent Caribbean wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner - I'm just glad that Ben got to his senses. Wonder what happened to that whopper Harry Winston engagement ring that J. Lo got? While not as exotic, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are said to be planning a Scientology service next August at their LA headquarters.

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