Monday, July 25, 2005

Lord of a ring

Jewerly is to be worn, but is it something you wear when cooking? Specifically, when making cookie dough? There is nothing worse than watching someone dip their fingers into cookie dough with their rings still on their fingers. Most if not all of the cooks or chefs on TV do not take their rings off whether it's a wedding ring, class ring, or partner ring. It's just gross. And if you do have to take your ring off, chances are it either falls into the sink or somehwere else.

Clearly, I'm not a big fan of jewerly especially rings - I would certainly NOT mind a beautiful solitaire diamond ring from Tiffany, but I'd be too darn worried about it. What if it gets lost or stolen? What if I get kidnapped or nabbed? What if my finger gets cut off? Okay, that's a bit extreme, but worse case scenario.

Take it from a girl who actually lost her engagement ring during a snow day while attending a wedding! Yes, it was found by person thrice her age.

Do I wear my wedding ring now? Certainly not. It's tucked away in a safe where I won't lose it.

Engagement ring

On a side note, this is an amazing story about a lost, but found wedding ring. It's really quite a remarkable story.

And, to add another lost ring story. While packaging care packages for troops in Iraq, a volunteer loses her wedding ring as it slipped off her finger.


TC said...

But what fun is that? What good does it do you in a safe? Why have it at all, then?

Heather said...

I always forget to wear my rings because I can't stand things on my fingers for very long and because I work in a hospital and it is not sanitary to wear the rings there. Luckily, my husband doesn't mind.

VI said...

You DON'T wear your wedding ring?
You get insurance on the ring and then live.
I never take mine off.
NOR do I use my hands when mixing foods.
I use utensils... even when making cookie dough (electric blender).

I have a huge ring that I designed and my husband had custom made for me... and for *me* I designed a ring I would be comfortable wearing... and it's a joy for me to see on my hand.

It's too bad that loosing it is more of a worry to you than not getting to see/wear it.

Dahlia said...

Responses to my last post about my wedding ring have gathered some interesting feedback. While most comments feel that it's a shame for me not to wear my ring, I am just glad that my husband does not mind if I don't wear it. For one thing, he does not like wearing it as well. So, it works out mutually. However, for people that cherish wearing their rings, and wear it with confidence - it ultimately becomes a very a personal decision, one that obviously varies from individual to individual.

On the side, thanks for all the comments and visiting my little blog:)