Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Weddingsphere - October 20th Weekly Roundup

Halloween will be here as the news on the weddingsphere just keeps on spinning:

A Shotgun Wedding Marks a New Wedding Theme
Yes, it is what it sounds like literally. What do guns, beer, and wedding gowns have in common? This couple form Bangor, Main, proves it by tying the knot in a real shotgun wedding.

Spice is On the Way
She's Scary Spice and she's said to be four months pregnant with Eddie Murphy. Will part of her wedding plans include a Spice Girl reunion?

The Ongoing TomKat Wedding Plans
Initially, rumor had it that they were getting married at George Clooney's Italian villa by Lake Cuomo, but that has evidently changed. Yet, the Italian destination wedding still seems to be in their plans. Where it will be remains to be seen? Yet, revealing that might be altogether counterintuitive if you're trying to keep things hush-hush. One thing for sure, Katie won't be walking down the "Wang" aisle for it is reported that she will be wearing an Armani. Heck, she's jus trying to keep in line with the whole Italian wedding. Sorry, Vera.

Saying "I do" after 25 years

Love can wait, but just don't wait too long. But, if you do wait, stay healthy. Nevertheless, tying the knot later in life can also show how much love can stand the test of time. Okay, that sounds corny, but this story is different.

Friday - Hurley up, please!
Life can be so difficult when you've got everything. With Liz Hurley, planning her wedding to Indian businessman, Arun Nayar, has turned into a nightmare of a sort. She can't decide on a dress because she doesn't want to offend her fashion designer friends. But, they're your friends, right? Poor chum.

Picture of the Week
Since the debut of the new movie "Marie Antoinette", it's a great time to enjoy some French desserts. Tea and petit fours, anyone?

(via Epicurious) - check out the other tasty treats in this slideshow

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