Monday, October 02, 2006

Periwinkle - The Other Wedding Blue

We always hear about Tiffany – the blue color that seems to get all the attention as the chic wedding color that every bride can’t seem to get enough of. All this popularity has even made brown happy – who would have thought that chocolate brown would come back as the new best friend of Tiffany® blue. But, wait, there’s a less popular blue out there, that just waiting to be rediscovered. It’s name is peri – periwinkle – not quite blue, but not quite violet, either. Sometimes, it is also referred to as French blue, but that's up for debate. Because of its unique and varied hue, periwinkle is actually a versatile color that you can coordinate with colors such as fuchsia, red, silver, pistachio green, lilac, and orange. If you are going to have an ivory wedding color scheme, periwinkle is a wonderful color to match it with.

Just look at all the examples of how you can use periwinkle as invitations:

Chelsea Paper

Wedding Invitations Store

My Gatsby

Fine Stationery

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