Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Plate With Personality - Yours

If you bake it, they will come. These cool ceramic plates from Celebration Plates owned by Just Wright Designs, LLC., are just the right alternative to the usual signing of the guest book. What an original concept - get your plate with a cute design on it, have your guests sign it at the wedding, and then bake it at home. Plus, it's also a great gift for a bridal shower or you can use it at the shower and keep it as a lovely memento. On their site, you can customize the colors of a plate's rim and choose your font, including the color of the sign pen for your plate.

Prices vary by the size of the plate, which determines how many signatures can fit on a plate. So, you're looking at anywhere between $75.00 and about $175.00, or 60 and 300 guests.

Also, you can choose a plate stand for an additional cost. My favorite is the "Toasting Glasses" design:


Anonymous said...

Those are really great ideas! It is a nice option besides using a guestbook.

Dahlia A. said...

I bought a permenant pen from the uk.. i wanted to use it for this quest-plate idea.
can i use it on a plate without baking???