Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Maple Syrup - Yummy Weddings in and from Vermont

What's the next best combination besides burger and fries? Of course, for breakfast, that would be maple syrup and pancakes. Some waffle-lovers might not agree, but then again, waffles and pancakes have always been breakfast rivals. And if you have ever ventured into the beautiful state of Vermont during Fall, then you're really in for a treat and why not come back home with that iconic bottle of maple syrup that everyone seems to adore. Shaped like a maple leaf, comes in different sizes, and the smallest size is a lovely guest favor for guests. There are several maple syrup farms in Vermont, one such place is Branon Family Maple Orchards that sells organic pure Vermont maple syrup in either Grade A Light Amber or Grade A Medium Amber.

These maple syrup grades are regulated by the USDA and mean:

via the Vermont Maple Sugar Maker's Association & Vermont Maple Foundation, and the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association,

Grade A Light Amber - Has a light maple flavor and often used for making maple candy

Grade A Medium Amber - Has a darker amber appearance and most often used as table syrup

Other grades:

Grade B - the darkest and most flavorful maple syrup

And, if you still can't get enough of them online, then plan a trip and visit a farm. Some of these places also offer venues for weddings. Check out the Vermont Convention Bureau and the Vermont Bride Magazine.

Here is a sample of places:

Strawberry Hill Farms
They provide tours of their maple production facility, as well as, candy-making and syrup demonstrations.

Adams Family Farm
Offers a range of activities and you can even host private parties at the farm.

Sugarmill Farm
In addition to a farm tours, they have a maple museum and are located in Barton, Vermont. This part of Vermont touts one the most scenic places.

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