Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Runaway Bride - Comes Back with a Lawsuit

Once upon a time, a young girl ran away from her wedding - days before the lavish event. Unbeknowst to the bride, her entire village and family set up a national search for the girl even setting a reward. Anxious for her return, her fiancee makes an appearance on television pleading for her safe return. Little does he know that his distraught fiance hitched a ride and ended up in New Mexico - admitting that she had been falsely kidnapped and sexually assaulted. After being found and safely returned to her village, the girl is charged with making up her story, but at her side all the time was her fiancee. And they lived happily ever after? Nope. Fast forward a year later - the young girl is suing her fiancee. Thus, this is the story of the "runaway with your money - bride."

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