Friday, October 13, 2006

The Weddingsphere - October 13th Weekly Roundup

It may be Friday the 13th today, but not much has changed in the world of weddings. As usual, you've got everything from the queer to the downright interesting stories. Let' see now:

A Suspicious Substance Holds off the Bridegroom
Short of calling Homeland Security and Interpol, a suspicious substance was found along a roadside somewhere in Germany. Who would have know that a common dessert can cause so much trouble.

Trim that Baby Fat
You may want to call it Fort TomKat instead of Fort Knox. Actor Tom Cruise is said to have hired an "army' of babysitters to look after their children as Katie Holmes gets back in shape, since getting pregnant. Why all that trouble?

A New Way to Raise Money for your Wedding?

A woman in Des Moines, Iowa who couldn't afford to pay for her entire wedding dress, offered her son as collateral. Perhaps she shouldn't have gotten married in the first place or maybe she should've gone to David's Bridal for a good deal on a dress.

If She's Good Enough to Marry, then She's Good Enough to Eat?
Valentyn Shtefano, a famous Ukranian pastry chef, decided to make his bride a dress that is good enough to eat. Using a whopping 1,500 cream puffs, he didn't leave any detail behind for her crown, bouquet and necklace were also made of caramelized sugar. All of this took two months - talk about love! Hmm. Wonder how'd you take this off? Let's not go there folks. We'll leave that detail.

via (AP Photo)

Plan a Reverse Wedding?

In this day and age, divorce seems to happen just as often as root canals. This humorous take by Peter Tannen on a very serious matter should enlighten anybody thinking of getting married right away. I'd share this article with any couple whom you think is rushing into marriage too soon.

Picture of the Week
This week's find is a modern take on a classic wedding element. Kudos to the photographer and stylist who took this shot using Water Wedgewood's Jasper Conran Collection. The interplay of colors using almond dragees is truly creative. The picture looks good enough to eat or one that you'd love to look during a gloomy day.

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