Monday, October 09, 2006

A Cool Cocktail Wedding Engagement Party

If you're looking to have a swanky cocktail engagement party, where can you go to find cool barware that says "shaken, not stirred?"

For martini glasses, head off to:

Jillery Designs at $23/glass

These curved stem glasses are made with a decorative beaded stem using wire. All are custom made and you can even choose the colors of the beads that are intertwined with the wire. You may also want to check out their 9.5 oz. zigzag glasses sold in a set of 6 at $138.

28 oz. Bullet Martini Shaker by Metrokane through Amazon at $19.99

Made with polished 18/10 stainless steel, these martini shakers are inspired by a 1930s art-deco design. There's also a smaller guy availabe in 16 oz. With these shakers, you'll be the most stylish bartender or at least look like one. It also looks like a cool groomsmen gift compared with those flasks - so outdated.

Drink Sticks at $17.00 from Home Wet Bar

Shaped like mini golf clubs, these stirrers can be used for cocktail drinks like Tom Collins. How cool is that!

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