Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Couple's table at the wedding

The couple's table (i.e., sweetheart's table) - some people dig them, while others just see them as plain corny. I belong to the latter. However, there are still many couples that like to have a couple's table at their wedding reception. And for good reason... In fact, I can think of three good reasons:

1) you want to spend time with your new hubby or wife

2) you want to get away from all of your relatives - especially in cases of sticky family dilemmas

3) you want to be able to eat your wedding food without being bothered - after all, it is your wedding

Whether you choose to have a couple's table or not, that's purely up to you and there are many great table decorating ideas such as tying a large bow around the table, putting a sign on the table saying "newlywed", or placing petals all around the table. Another option is to have a table in the shape of heart. Now, ain't that cute!

Got any unique ideas for a couple's table? What about alternatives?

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