Monday, October 23, 2006

Wedding Origami Art

If you've loved making origami art as a child, then you'd probably enjoy origami architecture as an adult. This three dimensional art form was created by Japanese architect Masahiro Chatani through a pop-up card he created for friends. The tools are basic and simple to find. You will need a good craft knife and a ruler (preferrably with a metallic edge) so that you slice paper against it. So, you won't ruin your table, you should also have a crafter's cutting mat, or a hard cardboard to cut on. If you can master this art, there are countless designs that you can create such as an invitation. Just look at these lovely wedding designs:

Heart with a bow

A wedding bell

A swan

If you're hooked now and want to see more, check out the Japanese website of "Handmade Papercraft Club":

Also, be sure to check out the craft work done by Selena Kim:

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