Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weddings - Follow the Road to Kansas

New York, Los Angeles, Florida, and Chicago – places where we hear about big city weddings all the time. But what about the brides in the center? I’m talking about the Midwest. If you want to be more specific, then I’m referring to the state of Kansas. Toto, Dorothy, corn, wheat, yeah you name it – “we’re not in Kansas anymore.” That’s what most people think of Kansas. However, if you have had the opportunity to travel to the Midwest region, many of these states boast some beautiful venues for weddings. We just don’t hear about them as frequently. Now, the state of Kansas lies right smack in the middle of the country. While a vast part of the state is farmland, there is a portion of the state with a budding appeal. What of the most notable aspects is the part of Kansas City, which happens to be a city in both Kansas and Missouri – depending on which side of the state line you are on at any one time. You can hop on the Kansas City, Missouri by just driving past a road called Stateline Rd. Anyways, enough of that geo talk. Here are some elegant wedding locations:

Nelson-Atkins Museum

Located in Kansas City, Missouri. This wonderful art museum has a beautiful dining courtyard called the Rozelle Court that lies at the center of the place. Romantic to the maximum degree, this area lies amidst 15th century Italian architecture and their gardens are just as gorgeous especially in the summer.

Union Station

Also located in Kansas City, Missouri. This train station was built in 1914, renovated in 1999, and now serves as a museum. Its magnificent halls feature breathtaking architecture to say the least.

Powell Gardens

Features contemporary gardens and architecture on 915 acres of land. It’s a beautiful venue for a garden wedding as the place offers picturesque landscapes surrounded by fountains, nature trails, and lush trees. They also offer a chapel and function rooms.

Circle S Ranch and Country Inn

Country wedding on a ranch sound like your style? Then this place is just the right venue for a delightful ranch wedding set on 1,200 acres. Based in Lawrence, Kansas, which is about 30ish minute drive from the city of Overland Park, this place is said to be designed with a homestead and barn feel with a cozy and relaxing mountain lodge feel. It really is amazing when you look at their pictures, particularly when you're always facing buildings.

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