Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Heirloom Cookbook - a nifty wedding gift

Do you have a recipe that you hold to your heart? Like the homemade apple pie of your mom, or the delicious Thanksgiving stuffing that your grandma makes? Well, if you do, then the custom heirloom cookbook concept of "Secret Ingredients" is just for you. The concept is simple yet the presentation is entirely innovative. Collect your favorite recipes and then have them printed and collected into a personalized cookbook binder. You can even select your own fonts, recipe layouts, and craft your own dedication page. The tools on their website allow you to customize it freely through their customized cookbook publishing system. If you're looking for a special gift for a daughter, niece, sister, or grandaughter to name the least, then these heirloom cookbooks may be just what you are looking for in a wedding gift that can be kept and appreciated.

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