Friday, September 22, 2006

Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall - it's not just about bringing the outside in, but also mixing warm earth-tone colors with organic elements. Now, how do you do that with your wedding invitations? Ah, the answer is simple. Use your eyes. It's your best bet. Look out for motifs rendered in acorns, maple leaves, maple trees, or gourds - the list goes on and on.

Take these gorgeous invitations from CardGirl, featuring a pretty chopstick attached to an chocolate brown card and enclosed in an olive green envelope.

Or, how about these unusual copper textured paper from Invitations by Nature, prices run at about $5.15 or so. They're a Canadian site, but sell to the US:

And lastly, these elegant invitations from Whimrose are crafted with a unique acorn motif and finished with a pretty bow.

Now, if you're from the DIY league of crafters, natural paper pressed with maple leaves would be nice to use for a fall bridal shower or wedding invitation. Print them out from home and use a nice white or cream sheet of vellum paper tied with a fall colored ribbon in brown, muted orange, olive green, or an iridescent ribbon. Places like Michael's usually have these supplies, while specialty stationers may also carry handmade stationery, including ribbons, embossed seals and stamps, and ribbons. You may want to check these sites for ideas:

Orange Invitation Using Natural Paper - a project from

DIY Printable Wedding Invitations


Kim said...

I love the wedding invitations that I found on the site - They are beautiful and cheap!

Alice said...

I just found these really cool maps that match your invitation style. Love the little icons.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am using them too and just got them in the mail today? Which style did you pick? I went for sophisticated and think they are absolutely adorable.